Court allows CBI to seek extradition of Anderson

A city court today allowed the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) plea for extradition of former Union Carbide Corporation Chairman Warren Anderson to stand trial in the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy case.

The CBI had filed an application before the court of chief metropolitan magistrate Vinod Yadav requesting issuing of letter rogatory to the US authorities so that Anderson could be brought to India to face trial.

"Considering the entire facts in its holistic perspective and sentiments of disaster-hit people and in the interest of justice, the extradition of Anderson is allowed," the court said.

It also asked the CBI why no steps were taken after framing of extradition treaty with US in 1999.

Anderson was declared a proclaimed offender by a Bhopal court in the year 1992.

The CBI had alleged that the management of Union Carbide was aware about damaged pipes in the Bhopal plant but had failed to replace them leading to the gas leak on the night of December 3, 1984.

Anderson being then Chairman, was liable for culpable homicide not amounting to murder charges.

The deadly methyl iso-cyanate (MIC) gas leak killed at least 15,000 people and left several thousands suffer physical disabilities and disease for the rest of their lives.


Gadkari, Hema Malini campaign for BJP in Assam

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president Nitin Gadkari and film actor and MP Hema Malini today campaigned in the Barak Valley and eastern Assam as the saffron party tries to woo the voters for next month’s state Assembly elections.

While Mr Gadkari confined himself to the Barak Valley, Ms Hema Malini went about addressing rallies in upper Assam. Mr Gadkari addressed three rallies at Katigora, Patharkandi and Ratabari.

The BJP has a good standing in the Barak Valley and wants to capitalise on that in this part of the state.

The dream girl of yesteryears participated in rallies in Tinsukia, Moranhat and Mariani.

The BJP has submitted a list of 40 star campaigners, who will canvass for the party in Assam. They include senior leaders like L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi.

Popular crowd pullers and BJP leaders, including Navjot Singh Sidhu, Smriti Irani and Shatrughan Sinha, will also campaign in the state.

Assam goes to the polls in two phases on April 4 and 11.


ED raids residence of Hassan Ali's CA in Pune

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) today raided the residence of Sunil Shinde, chartered accountant of Pune-based businessman Hasan Ali Khan, who has been accused of evading taxes worth crores of rupees.

The eight-member ED team arrived here and proceeded to the house of Shinde, which is located in Heramb Society at Sahkarnagar Area.

According to ED sources, the investigating agency searched the house of Shinde after the Leader of the Opposition in the state assembly alleged yesterday that Ali used the money of three former chief ministers and bureaucrats in the stock market.

ED sources told UNI, "We entered the two-storeyed house of Shinde at O945 hrs and the raids will continue till late this evening."

They said they had recovered some clinching evidence but expressed their inability to disclose details.

The sources said Shinde was in Mumbai when the officials arrived at his house and it was intimated to him immediately. He came by road to Pune in a car, owned by Khan, and was now co-operating with agency officials in their investigation.

The ED also called up Shinde's mother, who is staying some distance from the raided premises. It is learnt that he had kept keys of some rooms in her possession. The rooms were later opened by ED officials.


India summons Italian envoy on incident involving Jeev's coach at Milan airport

Italian Ambassador to India Giacomo Sanfelice Di Monteforte talking to mediapersons after a meeting with Mr Vivek Katju, Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairsin New Delhi on March 23, 2011. UNI PHOTO
Italian Ambassador to India Giacomo Sanfelice Di Monteforte talking to mediapersons after a meeting with Mr Vivek Katju, Secretary (West) in the Ministry of External Affairsin New Delhi on March 23, 2011. UNI PHOTO

India today conveyed to Italy its great unhappiness over the incident involving golfer Jeev Milkha Singh's coach Amritinder Singh at the Milan airport yesterday in which he had been asked to remove his turban by a security official.

This was the second time within a week that Mr Amritinder Singh had been subjected to such a check at the same airport and by the same security official. Yesterday's incident came after the Italian Golf Federation had sent to him a letter of apology for the first incident.

The official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs said Secretary (West) Vivek Katju had summoned Italian Ambassador Giacomo Sanfelice Di Monteforte this evening in this regard.

"He conveyed our great unhappiness at this very serious incident. He asked the Ambassador to transmit our strong feelings to the Italian authorities, at the highest level, so that there is an appreciation of the significance of the turban for the Sikh community and the Indian nation.

"He asked that necessary sensitivity be shown in such cases. He also drew the Ambassador’s attention to External Affairs Minister’s remarks on the subject, in Parliament today," the spokesperson said.

According to him, the Italian Ambassador expressed his deep regret and said that the Italian authorities at the highest level had been seized of the matter.

A probe was being conducted into the incident, Mr Di Monteforto said, and added that security guidelines have to be implemented keeping religious sentiments in mind.

Earlier in the day, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna assured the Rajya Sabha that the Government would not tolerate such insults to the Sikh community and that such incidents were not just an insult to the community but the nation as a whole.

He said the Government would take up the matter with the Italian authorities.


PM refutes allegations by Opposition on cash-for-votes scam

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday refuted the allegations by the Opposition on the cash-for-vote scam of 2008 and declared that no one from the Congress party or his Government had indulged in bribery or any such unlawful act during the trust vote in the Lok Sabha in 2008.

Television grab of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh replying to the discussion on his statement on the cash-for-votes scam in the Lok Sabha, in New Delhi on March 23, 2011. UNI PHOTO
Television grab of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh replying to the discussion on his statement on the cash-for-votes scam in the Lok Sabha, in New Delhi on March 23, 2011. UNI PHOTO

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today refuted the allegations by the Opposition on the cash-for-vote scam of 2008 and declared that no one from the Congress party or his Government had indulged in bribery or any such unlawful act during the trust vote in the Lok Sabha in 2008.

"We have not been involved in any such transaction and we have not authorized any one to indulge in such transactions," Dr Singh said while replying to short-duration discussions in both Houses of Parliament on the recent WikiLeaks disclosures about that episode in Indian politics.

In a speech in the Lok Sabha that was laced with humour and poetry and marked by a sharp attack against veteran Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Lal Krishna Advani, Dr Singh denied he had misled Parliament in his statement on the issue on March 18, a day after reports based on the WikiLeaks documents first appeared in The Hindu.

The reports were based on documents carried by the WikiLeaks website, basically cables from the United States Embassy in New Delhi to Washington, in which there were references, among other things, to the cash-for-vote scam.

Dr Singh reiterated that it was not possible for the Government of India to confirm the veracity or the contents of such communications.

"If they exist, they would be communications from U.S. diplomats stationed in Delhi to their government in Washington. It is not open to us to enquire from either of the two regarding the communications they exchanged among themselves. In my statement of 18th March, 2011 I had also stated that many of the persons referred in those communications have strongly denied their veracity," he said.

TV grab of Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj in the Lok during the discussion on the statement made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on
TV grab of Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj in the Lok during the discussion on the statement made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on "cash for votes" scam, on March 23, 2011. UNI PHOTO

Regarding the alleged offence of bribes being offered to some MPs to vote for the Government on the motion of confidence in the Lok Sabha, Dr Singh said he had, in his statement of March 18, rejected the allegation.

"I had also drawn the attention of this House to the fact that the allegations were investigated by a Committee constituted by the 14th Lok Sabha and the Committee had concluded that there was insufficient evidence to draw a conclusion of bribery," he said.

"I am convinced that taking the report as a whole, this is a correct inference," he said, and went on to quote what the then Lok Sabha Speaker, Mr Somnath Chatterjee, had said while introducing the Committee's report in the House on December 16, 2008.

Dr Singh said the Committee had recommended that the roles of Mr Sanjeeva Saxena, Mr Suhaib Hindustani and Mr Sudheendra Kulkarni may be probed further by an appropriate investigating agency.

He said the matter had been referred to the Delhi Police for investigations and these were in progress.

In between, Dr Singh had the Treasury benches, which included Congress President Sonia Gandhi, cheering in loud approval when he quoted an Urdu couplet to Leader of the Opposition Sushma Swaraj, who had earlier done the same, when she had spoken on the subject, to stress her point that his leadership was disappointing.

Saying that he could not quite match the oratorial skills of Ms Swaraj, Dr Singh recited: "Maana ke teri deed ke qabil to nahin hun main, mera shaq to dekh, mera intezar to dekh" (I accept that I am not worthy of your look, but you should appreciate my devotion to you).

Dr Singh's colleagues were still savouring that unexpected poetic response to Ms Swaraj when he decided to deal with Mr Advani. He said the BJP and its leaders had always thought of Dr Singh and the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) as "usurpers", right from 2004 when the UPA first came to power.

He said Mr Advani believed that becoming Prime Minister was his birthright. "He has never forgiven me for becoming Prime Minister," he said.

Senior BJP senior leader L K Advani participating in the discussion on the statement made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on
Senior BJP senior leader L K Advani participating in the discussion on the statement made by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on "cash for votes" scam in the Lok Sabha on March 11, 2011. UNI PHOTO

He reminded Mr Advani that the people had voted the UPA to power and the BJP would have to wait for another three-and-a-half years before going back to the hustings. Members of the ruling coalition were visibly delighted by the manner in which Dr Singh had taken on the Opposition and cheered him enthusiastically.

Earlier, the BJP targeted the Prime Minister directly, with both Ms Swaraj in the Lok Sabha and Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley coming down heavily on him for allegedly misleading Parliament on the issue.

Ms Swaraj urged the Government to refer the cash-for-votes issue to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) after including all those named in the Hindu report in the first information report (FIR).

Both Ms Swaraj and Mr Jaitley quoted extensively from the report of the Lok Sabha Committee that went into the alleged bribery to argue that the Prime Minister was not right when he said the panel had not come to any conclusive finding on this score.

She said Dr Singh could not always escape responsibility by claiming ignorance. "It has become the habit of the Prime Minister to shut his eyes to the truth ad say that he does not know anything about it," she remarked. In this case, he was a beneficiary of the alleged crime and was, therefore, liable, she said. She said that, as captain of the team, he could not escape responsibility for the acts of his colleagues.

Mr Jaitley also picked holes in Dr Singh's statement and said that just because the UPA had been returned to power did not mean it did not have to answer for wrongdoing.

"Does electability or populism condone criminalism? Does the fact that you have been elected by the people mean that due process of law must be rejected," he asked, stressing that larger issues of political corruption were involved in the matter. He said the effects of such episodes as the cash-for-votes scam could not be underestimated or under-stated.


National Ambient Noise Monitoring Network launched

Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh today lanched the real time National Ambient Noise Monitoring Network that will cover 35 stations in cities in the first phase.

The cities covered in the first phase include Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

In the second phase, another 35 stations, that will continuously monitor noise levels, will be installed in these cities.

In the third phase, the network will be expanded by 90 stations to cover 18 other major cities by 2012. These cities will incude Kanpur, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Jaipur, Indore, Bhopal, Ludhiana, Guwahati, Dehradun, Thiruvananthapuram, Bhubaneswar, Patna, Gandhinagar, Ranchi, Amritsar and Raipur.

The network in the major metros will also be augmented by establishing more noise monitoring stations, an official press release said.

"From 35 stations in 7 cities to 106 stations in 25 cities is going to be a huge task. I hope the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) will be able to fulfil this objective," Mr Ramesh said.

He said all State Pollution Control Boards (SPCBs) would have to act on real time data generated so far and use it to smoothen traffic.

Referring to constantly exceeding noise levels at the ITO Crossing in Delhi, he said a standard prescribed level of 65 decibels should be maintained and urged state governments to use the data for real time intervention.

Highlighting two other initiatives of CPCB, Mr Ramesh said four highly polluting industries - tanneries, distilleries, craft paper and dyeing - which are in the "red" category would be turned from highly polluting to green industries by the end of this year.

He said the second initiative was bioremediation, which had great untapped potential in the country as an inexpensive, cost-effective technology to clean rivers. He said five projects had been taken up under the National Ganga River Basin Authority and one in Ludhiana at Buddhanala. "This will give quick results in terms of cleaning operations," he said.

Mr Ramesh said a special allocation of Rs 200 crore had been made for environmental remediation in this year's budget for the Ministry. He said this would be used for cleaning operations in highly polluted areas.


CBI denies receiving threat from Dawood gang

Amid reports that underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is planning to target the Central Bureau of Investigation's (CBI) headquarters here to "destroy" the documents related to the alleged 2G spectrum scam, the agency today denied that it has received any such "specific threat".

"Non-specific threat perceptions are often received by the CBI owing to the nature of job of the agency," a CBI spokesperson said, adding that no "specific threat" from a person or group has been received.

The official said if there were any threat, the inputs were passed on to the appropriate agency (Home Ministry) for necessary confirmation or action.

The reports said Dawood Ibrahim's gang D-Company was planning to target the CBI headquarters in an attempt to destroy all documents relating to the ongoing probe into the 2G spectrum issue.

The reports added that Mumbai-based CBI officials have passed on this information to the investigators handling the case.

The spokesperson said that security was already tight on the CBI premises and has been further strengthened recently.


Man stabbed to death in Kerala while trying to protect daughter

A man was stabbed to death while attempting to protect his daughter from an attack by a youth, said to be infatuated with her, at Mazhukeer, near Chengannur in Alappuzha district yesterday.

The deceased was identified as Ashokan (50), a native of Kurumbakkattu, near Chengannur, and working as Senior Section Assistant with the Provident Fund Office at Kottayam, Chengannur, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DySP_ D Mohan told UNI today.

Rahul Varghese (23), a final year engineering student at Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, was arrested in this connection. He would be produced before the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court at Chengannur today, he added.

Rahul allegedly knocked down Ashokan when he was taking his daughter, an MBA student of Mar Athanasius College for Advanced Studies, to her college and stabbed her three times in the back after dragging her from the bike. When Ashokan came to the aid of his daugher, he was also attacked by the accused. While Ashokan died, Varsha was admitted to a private hospital, sources said.

According to sources, the immediate provocation for the attack was that the girl had spurned his advances. The girl had lodged a complaint with the police earlier and Rahul was wanted by the police, the sources added.


Moderate quake recorded on border between Jammu & Kashmir and China

An earthquake of moderate intensity, measuring 5.2 on the Richter scale, was recorded in the border region between the Indan state of Jammu & Kashmir and China, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) said.

An IMD bulletin said the quake, which had its epicentre at latitude 36.3 degrees North and 76.6 degrees East, occurred at 1155 hours at a depth of 57 km.


NCP MLA Dilip Wagh's bail plea rejected in rape case

A local court yesterday rejected the bail application of suspended Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) MLA Dilip Wagh and his personal secretary Mahesh Mali, accused of raping a young woman here last month.

Wagh and Mali are accused of raping an Aurangabad-based woman at the Government Guest House here on February 21 after calling her there on the pretext of giving her a job.

The victim filed a case against the duo with Sarkarwada police station four days after the alleged incident. Acting on her complaint, both Wagh and Mali were arrested by police and booked on the charges of gang rape and threatening the victim.

Advocate M Y Kale had filed the bail petition in a local court on behalf of the accused.


Mamata makes NCP her poll ally, gives it Dinhata seat

A day after clinching seat-sharing deal with the Congress, Trinamool Congress supremo Mamata Banerjee today broadened her anti-Left alliance by making UPA ally Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) a poll partner in West Bengal.

The alliance was formed after Ms Banerjee held telephonic talks with NCP chief Sharad Pawar, Trinamool leader and Union Minister Mukul Roy said.

"It has been decided to give NCP the Dinhata seat in Cooch Behar where we had already named Mihir Goswami as our party candidate against the Left Front nominee," he said.

In the 2006 Assembly election, Ashok Mondal of Trinamool Congress won the Dinhata seat, on the border with Bangladesh, defeating his nearest rival Udayan Gupa of Left Front constituent Forward Bloc.

With the fresh equation, the Trinamool Congress will contest 226 seats, while its allies Congress, SUCI and NCP have been given 65, 2 and 1 seats, respectively.

However, the SUCI today announced its candidate list, putting up nominees in 19 constituencies, including in Joynagar and Kultali, orginally allotted to the party by Ms Banerjee.

The party said its candidates in Joynagar and Kultali would be the main rival of Left Front nominees, while the party would fight for 17 other seats where the Congress has its candidates against Front nominees.

There are nine seats in Coochbehar district, six of which would be contested by the Trinamool Congress, two by Congress and one by NCP.


Stalin meets actor Rajnikanth, seeks blessings

DMK treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin calling on actor Rajinikanth before starting his campaigning tour for April Assembly Elections, in Chennai on March 22, 2011 . UNI PHOTO
DMK treasurer and Deputy Chief Minister M K Stalin calling on actor Rajinikanth before starting his campaigning tour for April Assembly Elections, in Chennai on March 22, 2011 . UNI PHOTO

Tamil Nadu Deputy Chief Minister and DMK Treasurer M K Stalin, who would be contesting from the newly-carved Kolthaur constituency in the April 13 assembly polls, today met Tamil superstar Rajnikanth and sought his blessings.

Mr Stalin drove down to the actor's residence and met him. Sources said it was a courtesy call.

Mr Stalin also met MGR Kazhagam leader R M Veerappan and sought his blessings.

Soon after he was nominated to contest from Kolathur, Mr Stalin called on the alliance party leaders and sought their blessings.

Mr Stalin filed his nomination papers yesterday and he is expected to hit the campaign trail from March 24.

Mr Stalin had earlier contested from the Thousand Lights Constituency in the previous four elections and scored a hat-trick of wins.


Achuthanandan asks people of Kerala to stand behind LDF

Kerala Chief Minister and CPI (M) leader V S Achuthanandan today asked the people of the state to stand behind the Left Democratic Front (LDF) for continuity in governance.

Speaking after paying floral tributes to Communist leader A K Gopalan at his statue here, the Chief Minister said the struggles of late leader was still relevant.

He said time had come to end the historical mission of alternative governments led by LDF and UDF in the state.

CPI(M) Polit Bureau member and Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, Health Minister P K Sreemathi, Devoswom Minister Kadanappalli Ramachandran and CPI(M) leaders E P Jayarajan, P Jayarajan and M V Govindhan attended the function.

Mr Achuthanandan will tour different parts of the district for the election campaign of the LDF.


Schoolboy runover by truck in Malda, West Bengal

A truck ran over a schoolboy at Nimaisarai in the English Bazar police station area in this district of West Bengal today.

Police said the incident occurred when the child was crossing the road while going to school this morning.

Irked by the incident, locals set the vehicle on fire and beat the helper, while the driver fled from the spot.


2 killed in road accident in Junagadh district of Gujarat

Two youths were killed when their car dashed against a tree near Sabalpur in Junagadh district of Gujarat on the Rajkot-Junagadh highway, police said today.

The incident occurred last evening when the youth, residents of Junagadh, were on their way to Rajkot, police said.

Haresh Khodabhai (25) succumbed to injuries in the Junagadh hospital. The identity of the other youth was still to be ascertained, they added.


Woman, grand-daughter killed in wall collapse in Kolhapur district

A woman and her grand-daughter were killed and her husband seriously injured when a wall of their house collapsed at Chandre village in Radhanagari tehsil of Kolhapur district of Maharashtra, police said today.

The wall of the old house collapsed yesterday afternoon, police said.

The deceased were identified as Shantabai Hanumant Khade (65)and her grand-daughter Maithilee Pralhad Khade (6).

Shantabai's husband Hanumant (70), who was seriously injured, was admitted to the Chhatrapati Pramila Raje civil hospital here.


Unidentified woman's body found on railway track in Mumbai

The highly decomposed body of an unidentified woman, aged about 35, was found on the tracks between Dadar and Elphinstone Road stations of the Western Railway, police said today.

According to Railway police, the body was found yesterday. Police believe that the woman could have been strangulated to death after which her body was dumped on the tracks.

A case of murder has been registered and efforts are on to trace the relatives of the woman.

Earlier this month, bodies of two women, stuffed in suitcases, were found on Juhu beach and Sandhurst Road railway station on the Central Railway.

Police have arrested three people in connection with the body found on Sandhurst Road railway station. However, no headway has been made in the Juhu beach case.


Vaiko turns down Karunanidhi's appeal to return to DMK fold

File photo of Vaiko
File photo of Vaiko

Beleaguered MDMK General Secretary Vaiko has turned down DMK President and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi's appeal to return to the DMK fold, saying the MDMK is firm in its decision to boycott the April 13 Assembly elections.

After AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa preferred actor Vijayakanth's nascent DMDK and ejected Mr Vaiko out of the alliance, the DMK chief made a poetic appeal to Mr Vaiko to return to the DMK fold and partake in its success, but Mr Vaiko said a firm no.

Asked about Mr Karunanidhi's statement, making a veiled appeal to him, Mr Vaiko, talking to newspersons at the airport last night, said he did not see the statement. As he was returning after visiting his native village, he could not see and read any statement.

When asked whether he would read the statement and call on Mr Karunanidhi, Mr Vaiko said the party's high level committee and District Secretaries had met on March 19 and decided to boycott the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

"There is no change in our decision and I have nothing more to say to you now," Mr Vaiko said and refused to field any further questions.

The MDMK leader spoke to newspersons at the airport last night on his return from Madurai after calling on his mother at his native Kallingapatti village.

Mr Vaiko always takes his ageing mother into confidence and briefs her whenever he takes important decisions and on political developments concerning the MDMK.

Yesterday, hours after Dravidar Kazhagam (DK) President K Veeramani extended an open invitation to Mr Vaiko to support the DMK, Mr Karunanidhi extended an olive branch, asking "queue of tigers" to return to the DMK fold, apparently referring to Mr Vaiko and his partymen who have pro-LTTE leanings.

Tracing the history of the Dravidian movement, Mr Karunanidhi wanted all the "brothers" who left the parent party and got scattered across the state to return to the DMK fold and fight the battle together.

Mr Veeramani, in his statement, appealed to Mr Vaiko to reconsider his decision to boycott the elections. "The DMK is the only party that is ideologically close to you," the DK leader said and reminded Mr Vaiko that when he was arrested under POTA during Ms Jayalalithaa's regime, the DMK leader had extended moral support.

Even before Mr Karunanidhi made the appeal, BJP state president Pon Radhakrishnan had called upon Mr Vaiko to reconsider his decision to boycott polls.

"The BJP is ready to forge an alliance with the MDMK and fight the elections,'' Mr Radhakrishnan had said.


CBI speeds up process to extradite Anderson

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has expedited the process of seeking extradition of former Union Carbide chairman Warren Anderson to put him to trial in Bhopal Gas Leak case.

Anderson is already 90 years old and, according to CBI sources, time is running out to bring him to India to face trial.

Attorney General of India G E Vahanvati has advised the CBI to consult the Attorney General of US before approaching the authorities there for extradition of Anderson.

According to Mr Vahanvati, there is sufficient evidence against Anderson and Union Carbide that they deliberately did not take remedial measures to avert the tragedy which struck Bhopal on December 3, 1984, taking a heavy toll of over 15,000 lives besides rendering thousands of others crippled fully or partially for life.

According to CBI sources all these facts were not placed before the American court which turned down the plea of the Indian government for extradition of Anderson in 2003.

The CBI has approached the Supreme Court challenging the 1996 verdict of the apex court diluting criminal charges against the top brass of Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL). The curative petition by the CBI has been admitted by the Supreme Court.

Moreover, Anderson has been declared a proclaimed offender by the Bhopal trial court in the case.

The CBI is planning to approach US authorities soon to initiate fresh extradition proceedings under the bilateral extradition treaty.

The CBI will have to convince the concerned US authorities that there is sufficient material against Mr Anderson to prosecute him for the offences of culpable homicide not amounting to murder under Section 304-Part II IPC which carries a maximum sentence of 10 years imprisonment.

According to the CBI, several pipes were damaged and leaking and the UCIL management was well aware of it. It did not get the pipes replaced to keep down the cost of maintenance of the unit. The water entered the plant through these damaged pipes which resulted in the leakage of poisonous methyl isocyanate gas which took a heavy toll of human lives.

Anderson was arrested by Bhopal police but was allowed to fly out from India on December 7, 1984 by the then Madhya Pradesh government.


Hassan Ali Khan being grilled by ED officials

Pune-based businessman Hasan Ali Khan, accused of evading taxes worth crores of rupees, is being grilled by Enforcement Directorate (ED) officials on his bank transactions abroad.

In order to unravel his financial dealings, the ED officials have sent fresh requests to UBS AG and UK-headquarted Barclays Bank.

"We will wait for the response and then decide the future course of action," an official said.

The Supreme Court vacation bench extended Khan's custody by three more days yesterday, on the expiry of the four-day remand.

"We have somehow been able to extract some information from Khan that will help us in further probe of the black money trail and foreign exchange violations," sources said.

Earlier, Khan was arrested by the ED under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and was interrogated at their Nariman point office for two days before being released on bail by a sessions court.

Last week on the basis of Supreme Court orders, the ED was allowed to interrogate Khan for four days and subsequently yesterday for another three days.


Rajya Sabha adjourned for day over Wikileaks issue

The Opposition today forced the adjournment of the Rajya Sabha for the day after three earlier adjournments over the WikiLeaks revelations and corruption issues.

As soon as the House assembled after lunch, Deputy Chairman K Rehman Khan allowed the ministers to lay the papers on the table of the House even as BJP back-benchers shouted slogans renewing their demand for a discussion on the issue under Rule 176.

Seeing no scope for reconciliation, Mr Khan adjourned the House.

Earlier, too, the House was adjourned thrice following the BJP insistence on a discussion on the issue and noisy protests by the Congress against the raising of the issue by the BJP.

Today was the first working day of Parliament after the Holi break.


Indian Forest Service Exam to be held from July 9

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will hold the Indian Forest Service Examination, 2011 from July 9 at various centres across the country.

An official press release said here today that candidates are required to apply online only, using this link.

It said all online applications can be filled upto April 8, 2011 till 1159 pm, after which the link will be disabled.

Candidates residing in certain remote areas specifed in Para 6 of the detailed notice published in Employment News/Rozgar Samachar dated March 19, 2011 have the option to apply offline by using the New Common Application Form (Form-E) devised by the Commission for its examination, which can be purchased from the designated Head Post Offices/Post Offices.

All offline applications, if any, received from candidates residing in normal areas/ abroad, shall be rejected by the Commission. The option of offline application is available only to candidates residing in specified remote areas, the release stressed.

All offline applications must reach UPSC, by Post/Speed Post only, by April 25, 2011, the release added.


WikiLeaks issue rocks Rajya Sabha for third day

The issue of WikiLeaks revelations rocked the Rajya Sabha for the third day today with the Opposition demanding a discussion on the issue under Rule 176.

The BJP's insistence on a discussion on the issue and the Congress' noisy protests over the raising of the issue during the Zero hour resulted in an uproar, forcing the adjournment of the House thrice, the third time till 1400 hours.

As soon as the House met after the Holi break, Leader of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley stood up to say that he had given two notices - one for discussion under Rule 176 on the Wikileaks revelations and the second a notice of privilege against the Prime Minister.

Deputy Chairman K Rahman Khan said the Chairman had received the notices. "The Chairman is seized of the matter," he said.

Mr Jaitley said his party's request was for a discussion on the WikiLeaks issue under Rule 176. This was, however, opposed by the Congress members who rose up at their seats to protest. A heated exchange between the BJP and the Congress benches followed.

When the Deputy Chairman asked the Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Ashwini Kumar to restrain the Congress members, Mr Kumar asked the members to sit down.

"The Zero hour is an important Hour where matters of national importance are allowed to be raised. Let the zero hour proceed and the other matters can be taken up later," he said.

Normalcy prevailed for a brief period with Mr Rajiv Chandrashekhar raising the issue of Government's attempts at censorship of content on the internet. However, when the Deputy Chairman allowed Mr Prabhat Jha to raise another matter during Zero Hour, he said the Leader of the Opposition be allowed to speak.

The Deputy Chairman said he had already told Mr Jaitley that the Chairman is seized of the matter. When the BJP members persisted with their demand, Mr Khan adjourned the House for 15 minutes.

After the House reassembled, Mr Jaitley again rose to speak followed by protests by the Congress. The Deputy Chairman's pleas that the Leader of the Opposition has the privilege to speak and he could not stop him from speaking fell on deaf ears as the Congress members persisted with their protests.

Amid the chaos, Mr Kumar, in a reference to the Opposition uproar, said the Government had always been in favour of a discussion "but an atmosphere has to be created".

Upon this, Mr Jaitley said his party wanted discussion under Rule 176. "I have given a notice under rule 176. The Government has said it has been in favour of a discussion. Let there be a discussion on the issue. Let it allow a discussion under Rule 176," Mr Jaitley said.

When noisy scenes persisted, the Deputy Chairman adjourned the House till 1200 hours.

When the House re assembled at 1200 Hours, the BJP continued with its uproar over the issue while the Congress members opposed the BJP's demand. Amid the uproar, the House was adjourned till 1400 Hours.

This is the third consecutive day that functioning of the House has been disrupted over the issue of WikiLeaks revelations.


NRI from Libya found murdered in Punjab

A non-resident Indian (NRI), who had just returned from Libya, was allegedly murdered by his wife and her paramour at Lassarra village in this district of Punjab, police said.

The victim was identified as Rakesh Kumar (30), who left Libya to escape the turbulent situation in that country and arrived in the village last week.

He was allegedly murdered by his wife and her paramour with the help of other people, Phillaur Superintendent of Police Raj Balwinder Singh said yesterday.

Mr Singh said Rakesh was found brutally murdered with handle of a water pump and sharp-edged weapons in nearby village fields on March 20.

Rakesh had gone to Libya three-and-half-years back. He did not have cordial relation with his parents living in Khotrra, the DSP added.

He had sent some money to his wife, who purchased land and constructed a small house in neighbouring village Lassarra a few months ago.

According to the police, the man's wife, who had a three-year-old daughter, developed a relationship with another person, and after her husband's return, they decide to eliminate him. They took help of few other youths of the village for the murder, the DSP added.

Police have arrested the woman, her paramour and another person in this conneciton while three other accused are still at large, the official added.


Uproar in Midnapore Central Jail over death of inmate

Six warders were injured in a clash between them and Maoists led by Chhatradhar Mahato over the unnatural death of a prisoner in the Midnapore Central Jail today.

Additional Inspector General(Prisons) Kalyan Pramanik said Kailash Das (35), a resident of Golbazar area in Kharagpur town, died in the prison yesterday and Mahato alleged that the inmate was killed by the warders.

This led to a clash between the warders and the group of Maoists led by Mahato.

Mr Pramanik further said the cause of the death of Kailash, who was due to be released yesterday, could not be ascertained till the post-mortem report is available.

The superintendent of the Central Jail Prahlad Singha refused to comment on the incident.

Jail sources said Kailash was brought to Midnapore Central Jail on March 18 after being jailed for four days for not being able to pay a penalty of Rs 200 in the court.

Kailash was, earlier, arrested from a railway station without any ticket and was moving there in spite of being told by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) to leave the area.

The inmates of the jail alleged that his body bore injury marks.


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