Royal Enfield introduces the 'adventure-ready' Himalayan Sleet

Royal Enfield
Motorcycle manufacturers Royal Enfield, global leaders in the mid-size segment (250-750 cc), today launched a new version of its Himalayan -- the all-new Himalayan Sleet.
A press release from the company said the motorcycle would sport a new colourway and pattern in shades of grey, taking inspiration from the mountains. 
To further strengthen its adventure touring proposition, 500 exclusive Himalayan Sleets will come pre-fitted with the Explorer Kit, an assortment of Royal Enfield Genuine Motorcycle Accessories, making it a "competent, adventure-ready motorcycle", the release said. 
The 500 pre-fitted Himalayan Sleets + Explorer Kit will be available at a special introductory price of Rs. 2,12,666 (on-road Chennai) exclusively on the Royal Enfield website.
In keeping with the Himalayan’s proposition of versatility, long distance travel capability and comfort, the new Himalayan Sleet + Explorer Kit motorcycle will come pre-fitted with aluminium panniers, pannier mounting rails, aluminium handlebar with cross brace and large engine guard. Backed by a 2-year warranty, only 500 of these fully-kitted motorcycles will be exclusively available online for a limited period. 
Beginning January 12 an till January 30, enthusiasts can go online and register themselves, thereby expressing interest to purchase. The sale will go ‘live’ on January 30, on a ‘first-come-first-serve’ basis.
The release said that, post registration, users would be given a unique code, which would be required to participate in the sale.
On the sale day, users need to login to the website and proceed to make a payment of Rs. 5,000 to book the pre-fitted Himalayan Sleet motorcycle + Explorer Kit.
Mr. Rudratej (Rudy) Singh, President, Royal Enfield, said, “The new Himalayan Sleet is inspired by the terrain of Royal Enfield’s spiritual home - the Himalayas, its craggy land, the gorges, edgy peaks all brought together in the colours of the sleet . Additionally, the first 500 owners will get pre-fitted Explorer Kits to help kick-start their personal expeditions on the Himalayan Sleet."
Genuine motorcycle accessories that will form part of the Himalayan Sleet Explorer Kit are two 26-litres water resistant aluminium panniers, off-road style aluminium handlebar with cross brace for added strength, handlebar end weights for additional protection, and a powder-coated finish engine guard.
"The Himalayan Sleet Grey combines outstanding versatility and all-day comfort for all rides. Long-travel suspension, natural upright riding position, dual purpose tyres combined with agile handling and a durable engine,  all add up to a comfortable ride, whether it’s on the highway, city streets, or remote mountain roads," the release added.
The oldest motorcycle brand in continuous production, Royal Enfield made its first motorcycle in 1901. A division of Eicher Motors Limited, Royal Enfield has created the mid-sized motorcycle segment in India with its unique and distinctive modern classic bikes. With its new manufacturing base in Chennai, India, Royal Enfield is able to grow its production rapidly against a surge in demand for its motorcycles. 
"With more than 50% growth every year for the last five years, Royal Enfield is fast becoming a very important player in the global mid-size motorcycle market and is working towards re-inventing this space with motorcycles that are evocative and engaging and great fun to ride.
"Royal Enfield’s product line?up in India includes the Bullet, Classic and Thunderbird models in 350 and 500cc displacement along with Continental GT 535cc café racer and the purpose-built Himalayan powered by the new LS410 engine," the release added.

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Royal Enfield

Samsung India launches Galaxy A8+, to be available exclusively on Amazon

Samsung India
Smartphone brand Samsung India today launched its latest offering, the Galaxy A8+ that will go on sale exclusively on e-commerce website Amazon from January 20.
Billed as "a stylish new smartphone with an attitude", the Galaxy A8+ carries forward the legacy of Samsung’s A series smartphones with its stylish design and flagship features.
The A8+ boasts of 6GB RAM, 64GB internal memory and expandable memory of up to 256 GB. It features Samsung's first Dual Front Camera, a large Infinity Display and ergonomic design that draws on Samsung’s flagship design heritage and experience. With additional everyday features, Galaxy A8+ is aimed at being "stylish, practical and convenient than ever before", company officials said here today.
Aditya Babbar, General Manager, Mobile Business, Samsung India and actress Aditi Rao Hydari
at the launch of the Galaxy A8+ smarphone, in New Delhi on January 10, 2018.
Aditya Babbar, General Manager, Mobile Business, Samsung India and actress Aditi Rao Hydari at the launch of the Galaxy A8+ smarphone, in New Delhi on January 10, 2018.
"At Samsung, consumer-centric innovations are at the heart of our business. With Galaxy A8+, we are bringing our customers’ favorite features from our flagship smartphones, such as the Infinity Display and our first Dual Front Camera with Live Focus, to our Galaxy A series. Galaxy A8+ comes with flagship features, never before seen on a smartphone in this price segment. It defies the ordinary and challenges the status quo. It is a phone with attitude, in all aspects," said Aditya Babbar, General Manager, Mobile Business, Samsung India.
"Galaxy A8+'s large screen is supported with ergonomic curved glass on the back and front. Its sleek glass and metal frame, smooth curves and comfortable grip make it even easier to watch or interact with content on phone. When watching movies or playing games, the Galaxy A8+ sets a new standard for uninterrupted, immersive viewing experiences. The 6.0” FHD Super AMOLED Infinity Display goes beyond the bezel with an immersive 18.5:9 display ratio, so that the consumers can view the whole scene across their screen for the ultimate cinematic experience," he said.
Galaxy's A8+'s 16MP+8MP F1.9 Dual Front Camera allows consumers to take the type of selfie they want – from close-ups with the background blurred to portrait shots with a clear and crisp background. With the advanced Live Focus feature, one can easily adjust the bokeh effect before or after take the picture to create high-quality images. The 16MP F1.7 rear camera snaps bright, clear pictures no matter where we are or what we are doing. From day to night, the advanced camera helps capture sharp images, even in low-light conditions. The new device also allows consumers to customize their photos with fun options, from adding stickers to their selfie or highlighting a culinary extravaganza with Food Mode. With the virtual assistant Bixby, the Galaxy A8+ seamlessly integrates the customer's lifestyle.
Galaxy A8+ comes with the Always On Display, allowing users to get information at a glance without unlocking their phone. Galaxy A8+ is also equipped with Samsung Pay, allowing users to transact virtually anywhere they tap or swipe their card. The Galaxy A8+ comes with IP68 certification, making it water and dust resistance. It is also the first in the A series to support Samsung’s Gear VR.
Galaxy A8+ will be sold in Black and Gold colours and will be priced at Rs. 32,990, Mr. Babbar said.
Noor Patel, Director – Category Management, Amazon India, said “We are pleased to remain the partner of choice for Samsung and offer our customers exclusive access to the new Samsung Galaxy A8+ smartphone. Galaxy A8+ is a performance powerhouse given its consumer-centric innovations and flagship features. We are confident of the smartphone’s resounding success on”
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Samsung India

Global and Indian Events this Month Reiterate Health and Nutrition Benefits of Proper Protein Intake


Poultry India

Global nutrition, with emphasis on eating a healthy nourishing diet, will take centre stage in India and the world when three major events unfold this month (November).
The World Health Organisation, in association with Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, will hold its path-breaking second inter governmental conference in Rome titled  International Conference on Nutrition on 19-21 November with the goal to improve nutrition through national policies and effective international cooperation. The two main outcome documents of the conference are the Rome Declaration on Nutrition: a political commitment document and the Framework for Action: A Technical Guide for Implementation. India will have ministerial representation at this major global seminar.
A week later in Hyderabad on November 26-28  global poultry experts will shed light on the benefits of  lean chicken protein intake, ease of accessibility to this vital element in a daily Indian diet and sustained growth of the poultry industry in India at the 8th Annual Poultry exhibition ( Poultry India is spearheading an educational campaign to Eat Right, Eat Healthy. Poultry India is an advisory body comprising heads of national organisations including Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers' Association (IPEMA), National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC); CLFMA of India; Poultry Federation of India (PFI), among others.
Also in November, National Geographic Society will premiere a six-hour television series, “EAT: The Story of Food,” over three nights from November 21-23 on the Nat Geo Channel. ( These three above events will highlight issues like:
Do we know what we eat and what it does to your body?
Are we giving ourselves the right amount of daily nutrients?
Are we aware of the amount of proteins, carbs  and vitamins your body requires every day to stay healthy and smart?
Are we obese and thus prone to diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, etc?
Protein deficiency in India is cause for concern. A recent paper published in The National Medical Journal of India highlighted the fact that India has the highest number of new Tuberculosis and TB-related deaths in the world, with 2.3 million new cases and an estimated 320,000 deaths annually. A recent study commissioned by Du Pont and done by Economist Intelligence Unit concluded that quality of the food consumed in India is highly deficient in protein, iron and Vitamin A. In their latest report this study says that while meat consumption remains important to the human diet, milk and eggs will increasingly provide a more efficient source of calories and protein (
For Indians protein in diet is only 37 grams as against a world average of 65 grams and World Health Organisation recommendations of minimum 84 grams per day. An average Indian consumes 35-40gms of protein per day while the protein requirement for an average person is 1 gm per kilogram of bodyweight per day (Reference:  Nutrient Requirements and Recommended Dietary Allowance for Indians. ICMR 2009).
According to FAO, two billion people suffer from one or more micronutrient deficiencies, while 1.4 billion are overweight, of which 500 million are obese. FAO’s Director-General said tackling obesity will feature prominently during discussions at the Rome conference. In India the prevalence of malnutrition is very high. More than 40% of under-five children population suffers from the condition.  In India an estimated 400 million people, a number larger than the entire population of the US, are infected with the TB-bacillus but are asymptomatic though at risk of developing active TB. More than half the cases of TB every year (two thirds in cases of people in age group of 15-19) could be prevented by ensuring people get enough to eat in terms of proteins and calories.
The World Bank reviewed and proposed revisions in May 2014, to its poverty calculation methodology and purchasing power parity basis for measuring poverty worldwide, including India. According to this revised methodology, the world had 872.3 million people below the new poverty line, of which 179.6 million people lived in India. In other words, India with 17.5% of total world's population had 20.6% share of world’s poorest in 2013.
Dr Geeta Dharmatti, a nationally acclaimed nutritionist. "You need protein for your muscles, bones, and the rest of your body. Exactly how much you need changes with age. If you're watching your weight, try including protein with every meal. It will help you feel full longer. 
"Spreading protein evenly across your meals is also good for your muscles, which is especially important as you get older and start to lose muscle mass. Along with the quantity of the protein, it is also very important to choose right quality of protein. Quality of proteins refers to the amount of amino acids provided by that protein. Poultry and egg proteins are easy to digest, cheaper and easily accessible, and hence contribute more in providing the required amino acids to the body. For this reason, they are also referred to as complete dietary protein,' Dr Geeta," added.
Below is a table of protein contents for various foods. From this it is very clear that egg is one of the cheapest sources of protein:
Item            Weight (gms)  Protein/100gms   Price/100mgs (Rs)    Protein price/10gms (Rs)
Egg                 100                     13.2                              8                            6.06
Chicken          100                     30                               20                            6.67
Mutton             100                     26                              40                          15.38
Milk( FULL FAT) 100                  3.2                             5                          15.62
Yogurt              100                       5                              13                          26
Paneer(FULL FAT) 100           11                               35                          31.81
Fish                 100                      22                            100                          40
The human brain needs certain essential nutrients to perform at an optimum level, particularly with regard to neurotransmitter-precursors, electrolytes (i.e. salts) and fuel (primarily glucose). By eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in chicken, eggs, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish and carbohydrates, you can maintain healthy brain function without having to buy expensive dietary supplements (some of which work, but many of which don't).
"Apart from protein, you might also want to think about what else you're getting from protein-rich foods. For instance, to limit saturated fat, you'd want to choose lean chicken meat over fattier cuts. And to cut back on sodium, skip the processed meats like hot dogs and sausage. If you're trying to get more omega-3s, you might choose fish or eggs enriched with omega-3s. If you need to get more fibre look to beans, vegetables, nuts and pulses," Dr Geeta said.
Eggs are a phenomenally inexpensive and incredible source of high-quality nutrients in India.  They provide a tremendous amount of choline* which can improve your memory and cognitive response. Studies have linked dietary intake of choline with higher IQ results. Additionally, the omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients like folate, pantothenic acid and zinc are also important for your brain function. Eating the yolk can reduce your stress level and prevent neurological disorders like depression, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.
"Consumption of adequate protein ensures strong immune defence, efficient signalling of nerves and impulses, healthy hair and maintenance of fluid balance in the body. Protein can also turn into an energy provider when required by the body. Insufficiency of protein in the body affects all organs and overall growth and development. It is always advisable to choose a balanced diet with adequate amount of proteins along with other nutrients to ensure a healthy body and revitalised mind," she added. 
Mr Om Prakash Singh, core committee member, Poultry India said: "Our Prime Minister has embarked on a worthy campaign to educate us on how to stay clean and thus stay healthy. Poultry India wants to support our PM by educating people on obesity and tell them that obesity decreases the quality and length of life, and increases individual and national healthcare costs. Our campaign which has just begun also fits in rather well with the three global events on nutrition and health globally this month. People who start the day with a protein-rich breakfast consume 200 fewer calories a day than those who chow down on a carb-heavy breakfast."
Key facts (World Health Organisation)
Worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980.
In 2008, more than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight. Of these over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese.
35% of adults aged 20 and over were overweight in 2008, and 11% were obese.
65% of the world's population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.
More than 40 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese in 2012.
Obesity is preventable.
Overweight and obesity are defined as abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health. Body mass index (BMI) is a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify overweight and obesity in adults. It is defined as a person's weight in kilograms divided by the square of his height in meters (kg/m2)
Overweight and obesity are leading risks for global deaths. Around 3.4 million adults die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. In addition, 44% of the diabetes burden, 23% of the heart disease burden and between 7% and 41% of certain cancer burdens are attributable to overweight and obesity.
In 2012, more than 40 million children under the age of 5 were overweight or obese. Once considered a high-income country problem, overweight and obesity are now on the rise in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban settings. In developing countries with emerging economies (classified by the World Bank as lower- and middle-income countries) the rate of increase of childhood overweight and obesity has been more than 30% higher than that of developed countries.
Overweight and obesity are linked to more deaths worldwide than underweight. For example, 65% of the world's population live in countries where overweight and obesity kill more people than underweight (this includes all high-income and most middle-income countries).
What causes obesity and overweight?
The fundamental cause of obesity and overweight is an energy imbalance between calories consumed and calories expended. Globally, there has been:
an increased intake of energy-dense foods that are high in fat; and
an increase in physical inactivity due to the increasingly sedentary nature of many forms of work, changing modes of transportation, and increasing urbanization.
Changes in dietary and physical activity patterns are often the result of environmental and societal changes associated with development and lack of supportive policies in sectors such as health, agriculture, transport, urban planning, environment, food processing, distribution, marketing and education.
Children in low- and middle-income countries are more vulnerable to inadequate pre-natal, infant and young child nutrition At the same time, they are exposed to high-fat, high-sugar, high-salt, energy-dense, micronutrient-poor foods, which tend to be lower in cost but also lower in nutrient quality. These dietary patterns in conjunction with lower levels of physical activity, result in sharp increases in childhood obesity while under-nutrition issues remain unsolved.
 - ENDS -
Notes to the Editor
About Choline 
Choline is one of the newest nutrients to be added to the list of human vitamins. It was only added to the list of required nutrients by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 1998. While the NAS does not officially recognize choline as a vitamin specifically belonging to the B-complex family of vitamins, it is officially recognized as a required nutrient that you need in your everyday meal plan.
About Dr Geeta Dharmatti:
Dr. Geeta Dharmatti has spent more than two decades in the field of nutrition, Dr. Geeta has a doctorate in Food Science and Nutrition (FSN) Gold medalist in Masters - FSN and presently President of Indian Dietetic Association, Pune Chapter (2010-2014). She has published many articles and papers in national as well as international journals, newspapers as well as researches and presented papers in reputed conferences and seminars. Dr Geeta is a regular guest speaker in colleges and academic organizations. In addition, Dr Geeta is member of several prestigious organizations including Indian Dietetic Association (IDA) Pune chapter; Nutrition Society of India (NSI) Hyderabad and Indian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ISPEN) Pune chapter.
What is Protein
Proteins are a group of biological compounds which are present in every live cell, organ and tissue of the body. They are there in the form of enzymes, antibodies, hormones and much more.  Meaning ‘first’ or ‘of prime importance’ in Greek, proteins participate in every cellular process occurring in the body. Proteins are responsible for the formation, regulation, repair and protection of the body of each organism. It executes a range of functions within living beings including catalysis of enzymes, DNA replication communication and coordination within the cells, molecular transportation from one location to another. There are 20 amino acids considered essential because the body must have all of them in right amounts to function properly. Twelve of these proteins are manufactured in the body but the other eight amino acids must be provided by diet. Foods from animals sources such as milk or eggs often contain all these essential amino acids, while a variety of plant products must be taken together to provide the body and the mind all these necessary proteins. Good healthy sources of proteins are not hard to find for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Meat eaters can choose from eggs, chicken, cooked lean meat and fish. Vegetarians can choose from nuts, seeds, soy products like tofu, dairy products and legumes including variety of beans and split peas. 
About Poultry India
Poultry India is a newly constituted advisory body given a unanimous mandate to spearhead an educational campaign to Eat Right, Eat Healthy through a  balanced daily diet which should include high proteins and thus be healthy and smart. The advisory body comprises heads of national organisations including Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers' Association (IPEMA), National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC); CLFMA of India; Poultry Federation of India (PFI); All India Poultry Breeders Association (AIPBA); Andhra Pradesh Poultry Farmers Association (APPFA); Poultry Breeders Association (PBA-AP); West Bengal Poultry Farmers Association (WBPFA); Tamil Nadu Broiler Co-ordination Committee (TMBCC); Broiler Breeders Association - North (BBAN); Karnataka Poultry Farmers & Breeders Association (KPFBA); Indian Federation of Animal Health Companies (INFAH), Indian Poultry Journalist Association (IPJA) and All Odisha Poultry Association (AOPA). Poultry Exhibition, one of the largest in South Asia, brings together global experts on nutrition, breeding, poultry equipment and animal health, and provides insights into latest trends and best practices in poultry farming and breeding. Exhibitors from all over the world also showcase their equipment, products and services to Indian and foreign visitors. A one-day Poultry Knowledge Day is also organised in conjunction with the Poultry India exhibition  Please visit for more information.
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For More Information Please Contact: Om Prakash Singh Core Committee Member - Poultry India Email: Mob: 9822069503

Harish Garware Gen. Secy: Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers' Association Email: Mob: 9822094653

Issued on behalf of Poultry India by: David D'Souza Email: Mob: 91-9766531082

Himalaya enters men's grooming segment with face cleansing products

Herbal health and personal care major Himalaya Drug Company has entered the men's grooming segment with the launch of two men's face washes - Instant Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash and Power Glow Licorice Face Wash in the Himalaya for Him range.
The Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash has lemon and Indian willow to help clear excess oil, impurities and pollutants, a press release from the company said.
The bark extract of Indian willow has skin conditioning and protectant activity in addition to antimicrobial and astringent properties. The blend of licorice, alfalfa and wood apple in the Power Glow Licorice Face Wash helps enhance complexion, it said.
The release said that, powered with Active Boost Technology that increases the penetration of actives and helps in rapid action of the herbs, the face washes are specially designed for men to help enhance complexion, keep skin oil-free and refreshed.
Rajesh Krishnamurthy, Business Head - Consumer Products Division, The Himalaya Drug Company, said “Men’s personal care is a big market in India, currently pegged at Rs 3,800 crore and growing at 21%. Of this, the face washes segment is Rs 120 crore and growing at 40%. Himalaya is a market leader in face washes and we have known expertise in this segment. Launching exclusive face cleansing products for men is therefore a natural extension.”
“We took our time to research these products because we wanted to get the science right. We’ve hit a success formula with the Active Boost technology, which is present in both our face washes. It effectively removes excess oil, clears deep-seated impurities and refreshes the skin without over-drying it. The results are remarkable and we are very confident that consumers will see tangible benefits," he added.
According to the company, the sudden spurt in the men’s personal care segment is due to multiple factors – growing awareness of grooming and personal hygiene, the desire to look one’s best and increased purchasing power. There is also a growing realisation among men that personal grooming is important in their professional and personal life.
Says Ashwani Gandhi, Category Manager – Mens, The Himalaya Drug Company, “We spoke to several male consumers who seemed to have one overriding concern – oily and dull skin, which plays on their mind and keeps them worried, especially before important milestones. They are looking for safe-to-use products backed with a strong reason-to-believe in the promise. Efficacy of the product is a top priority for men and we believe this is where our brand strength lies.”
“Interestingly, men considered these products to be ‘enablers’ in their life’s journey – whether that is in the professional or personal sphere. Our communication builds on this proposition, showcasing how the Himalaya men’s face wash enables the modern man to measure up to important opportunities in his life. We have high expectations from this range and early consumer feedback has been very encouraging.
“With the men’s range, we aim to replicate our success in the face washes category especially the Purifying Neem Face Wash, which is a market leader today, with 16% market share. We are also looking to expand the men’s range soon,” he added.

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Himalaya Drug Company

Vatika launches enriched olive hair oil

Vatika olive hair oil
Personal care company Dabur India Ltd. today said it had launched Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil, strengthening its presence in the perfumed light hair oil maket.
This is the first ever Vatika olive hair oil in the country enriched with almond proteins and aloe vera, a press release from the company said.
“Vatika is the flagship hair care brand from the House of Dabur, and has evolved as the preferred hair oil of millions of consumers over the years with its value-added offerings that provide extra nourishment to hair through the right mix of carefully-chosen natural ingredients with do-good properties," Mr Ajay Motwani, Head of Marketing – Vatika Hair Care, said.
Vatika olive hair oil
Vatika olive hair oil
"With the new Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil, which has olive oil enriched with proven exotic herbal ingredients like almond proteins and aloe vera, we are offering consumers exceptionally superior natural hair care solutions at an accessible cost," he said.
““With established nourishment credentials for hair, olives have been used for many years, globally in different formats to get silky, smooth and strong hair. Many hair experts regard olive oil as one of the best oils for hairfall control, making it the preferred massage oil for the scalp and hair in high end salons. Vitamin E present in olive hair oil  helps protect hair against damage. Vatika olive hair oil enriched with almond proteins and aloe vera nourishes hair from root to tip, arrests hairfall by 50%, and makes hair exceptionally bouncy & silky,” he said.
“To strengthen our presence in the ‘branded coconut oil segment’, we had extended brand Vatika with the launch of Vatika enriched coconut oil with hibiscus, in the South, which has already become a runaway success.  With the national launch of the all new Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil, we hope to further strengthen our presence in the branded hair oil category.” Mr. Motwani added.


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Huawei launches tablet MediaPad 10 Link

 MediaPad 10 Link
Smart phone maker Huawei today announced the launch of its new tablet, MediaPad 10 Link.
The sleek and light tablet offers a stunning display, with full HD video playback, super-fast processor, and extremely long lasting battery, the company said in a press release.
Running on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system, the most attractive feature of the MediaPad is its 10.1 inch full HD IPS display and is a delight to both the viewers and users and can be easily termed as “the mini theatre”, the release said.
"The MediaPad is a super-fast device to work on as it comes with the mighty 1.2 GHz Quadcore Hi-Silicon Processor added to the 16 Core GPU functionality. Decked with 1280*800 pixel HD display, it takes the user through a visually stimulating experience. 
MediaPad 10 Link
MediaPad 10 Link
"The MediaPad is equipped with 6600 mAh battery, which ensures continuous upto 6-hour gaming or 8-hour video playback. Powered by Dolby Surround Sound technology the MediaPad 10 Link provides crystal clear sound and enhances the overall experience of music and movies. The MediaPad 10 Link comes with 16 GB ROM and is expandable up to 32 GB," the release said.
According to the release, the following are the features of the MediaPad 10 Link:
·         Quad-core 1.2 GHz Hi-Silicon Processor with 16 Core GPU
·         Android 4.1 JellyBean platform
·         6600mAh Li-Ion battery
·         10.1 inch, HD- 1280*800, IPS-LCD
·         3MP FF rear camera, VGA front facing camera
·         Sleek & Slim & Aluminum design
·         1GB RAM + 16GB ROM, Expandable up to 32 GB
·         Dolby Surround Sound Technology
·         Dual Speakers, 3.5mm Headset Connector
“Mediapad 10 link is a perfect fusion of everyday productivity & portability and we are very excited to introduce this to the Indian consumer. Its features make it an extremely fast and slim device which offers fabulous entertainment. We are very excited to offer a tablet that promises a delightful user experience at such a smart price," Huawei Device India President Victor Shan said.
Priced at Rs. 24990, Huawei MediaPad 10 Link is available through online channels like Flipkart, Infibeam, Snapdeal,, modern trade like Croma, Ezone and IT and multi-brand mobile stores across India, the release added.

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UF Group to launch E box for movies on demand, online shopping, e-learning

UF Group
UF Group logo

The UF Group, whose Southern Digital Screenz is the southern franchisee of UFO Moviez, is planning to launch a next generation E box called Ufx EmaginE that will offer to customers movies on demand, media player, social networking, video conferencing, online shopping an e-learning and other features.

The product will be launched in collaboration with Malaysia-based companies Select-tv and Creative Experience Sdn Bhd.

A press release from the company said that, over the last few years, Southern Digital Screenz had changed the way movies are being screened in the theaters. "Through a centralized server, they are able to screen movies in digital quality across 1200 plus theaters. These movies are delivered to cinemas through satellite downloads. The digital mechanism of movie screening has not only changed the quality but has also plugged piracy to a greater extent," it said.

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UF Group

Sony launches Cybershot DSC-TX55, its slimmest camera



Sony logo

Sony India has launched Cybershot DSC-TX55, billed as the world’s thinnest camera which is just 12.2mm in thickness

A press release from the company said the digital camera had 16.2 megapixel, full HD video, 5x zoom and 3D capability.

Sony DSC-TX55 Gold
Sony DSC-TX55 Gold

It said the camera was even slimmer than a standard AA-size battery.

According to the release, the DSC-TX55 also boasts of the Exmor R CMOS sensor that delivers great image detail and ultra-low picture noise in both still images and full HD video, even in low light conditions.

The release said the camera's hi-speed auto focus can lock onto the subject in as little as 0.1 seconds.

The DSC-TX55 is available in gold, black and silver and is priced at Rs 19,900.


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Ranbaxy Volini Duo

Ranbaxy logo

Pharmaceuticals major Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd today said it had launched "Volini Duo", India's first approved two-in-one pain killer, for the first time in India.

The bi-layered acetaminophen tablet, introduced by the over-the-counter (OTC) business division of the company, Ranbaxy Global Consumer Healthcare (RGCH), has been specially formulated to give dual pain relief, a press release from the company said.

"Ranbaxy remains committed to developing and offering quality, safe, efficacious and innovative solutions to consumers. The introduction of ‘Volini Duo’ is a move in this direction," Mr. Brijesh Kapil, Vice President, RGCH, said.

According to the release, Volini Duo has been developed by scientists at Ranbaxy’s state-of-the-art R&D centre in Gurgaon, using advanced Matrix technology, which enables the regulated release of the medicine in the gastrointestinal tract.

"It is specifically effective for back & joint pains, which are primarily chronic in nature. Unlike regular pain killers which give relief for upto four hours, Volini Duo with its unique matrix formulation, provides relief for double the duration of around 8 hours. The product has a high safety profile making it ideal for mass use," the release said.

According to it, Volini Duo tablet marks the entry of Ranbaxy in the OTC oral pain reliever category.

The OTC oral analgesics market in India is estimated to be Rs 700 crore and is growing annually at a rate of 10.5%.

"Globally, acetaminophen happens to be the highest selling molecule in the OTC pain reliever category. Due to today’s fast paced lifestyle and lack of exercise, there is an increasing incidence of back pain, joint pain, body aches and muscular sprains," it said.

Ranbaxy Global Consumer Healthcare (RGCH) was established in October 2002 with an objective to promote OTC healthcare brands to consumers. The major brands from RGCH include Revital, Volini (pain relieving Gel & Spray), Chericof (Cough Syrup), Pepfiz (Digestive).


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Dabur Burrst Fizz

Dabur logo

Packaged fruit juice maker Dabur India Ltd has announced its entry into the carbonated drinks market with the launch of Burrst Fizz, a range of carbonated fruit-based drinks.

The new sparkling beverage range is available in two variants – Lemon Fizz & Apple Fizz.

Made from real fruit juice, the new Burrst Fizz range will be available in two SKUs – 500 ml PET bottles and 200ml Tetrapak, a press release from the company said.

Mr. K.K Chutani, Head of Marketing–Foods, Dabur India Ltd, said: "Réal has always been at the forefront of innovation. We pioneered the concept of packaged fruit juices in India and were also the first to introduce 100% fruit juices and fruit-vegetable juices. After the successful launch of India's first fiber-enriched beverage Real Activ Fiber+ this summer, we are now enhancing our fruit beverage offering with the launch of Burrst Fizz, a refreshing fruit drink. With this, we aim to further expand the fruit-based beverages categoryand give our consumers more choices and a healthier thirst quencher."

The Burrst Fizz range has been test-launched in select markets and would be rolled out nationally over the next six to eight months, the release added.


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Maruti Swift - Limited Edition

Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Swift - Limited Edition

India's largest car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki today announced the launch of a limited edition of Swift, its premium small car brand.

A press release from the company said the "Swift One Million Edition" would be available in a specially created "Goldsmith Black" colour with features such as splendid graphics, special integrated stereo with USB and speakers, luxurious leather seats, cushions, foot-mats and an artistic decal on the exteriors.

The limited edition celebrates Maruti Suzuki’s landmark of selling one million cars a year, achieved in late March this year. The one millionth car was a Swift, and it rolled out of the company’s state-of-the-art plant at Manesar near here.

The limited edition car is branded: "Swift One Million Edition".

Maruti Swift - Limited Edition interiors
Maruti Swift - Limited Edition interiors

"It is indeed a moment of pride for us. Swift One Million Edition is our gesture to show gratitude to our customers who have strongly supported us in our journey to reach milestone of one million sales in one year," Mr Mayank Pareek, Managing Executive Officer (Marketing and Sales), Maruti Suzuki, said.

"The interiors of the Swift One Million Edition have aesthetics of a commemorative edition. The new features and the characteristic body graphics together compliment the sporty character of the Swift. We are confident that this special edition will bring pride to the select owners who get to possess it," he said.

The release said the Swift One Million Edition is available in Vi version (Petrol) at a price of Rs. 483,079 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Only 1,000 units of this model are being offered.


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Maruti Suzuki

Logitech promises better listening experience with Z313 speakers

Logitech logo

Logitech, a manufacturer of PC speakers, today announced the Logitech Speaker System Z313 which, it says, will improve the experience when listening to music or watching music on computers.

"The Speaker System Z313 gives you what your built-in computer audio can’t," a press release from the company said.

According to it, the Z313 is a 2.1 system that will fill the room with sound despite its compact size.

"When you’re listening to music or watching TV on your computer, the Speaker System Z313 delivers with balanced sound as a result of the 25 watts (RMS) of power. Playing a dual role, the subwoofer delivers deeper base when you really want to feel the beat. Plus, the efficient design makes it easy to store in tight places," the release said.

Logitech Speaker System Z313
Logitech Speaker System Z313

The release said the speakers featured a convenient control pad which allows the user to easily turn on the speakers, adjust the volume or plug in the headset when he or she wants to enjoy private listening. The headphone jack also offers a convenient solution for those who want to listen to music from an iPod.

It said the Z313 was easy to set up. "All you have to do is connect the speakers to the subwoofer, connect the subwoofer into your computer using the provided cable, and plug in the power," it said.

"In today’s digitally connected world, the Logitech® Speaker System Z313 not only offers the users a powerful, rich audio experience, but also convenient access to all their music on the iPod and computer," Mr. Subrotah Biswas, Country Manager- India & South West Asia, said.

"And since the speakers connect to a computer using a standard 3.5 mm audio output jack, they are compatible with any computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later," the release said.

The Z313 is available in India from August for a suggested retail price of Rs 2195, the release added.


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Land Rover launches Freelander 2 in India

Tata Motors
Photo of Freelander 2

Land Rover has launched the Freelander 2 in the compact premium 4x4 segment in India, joining the Discovery 4, the sports tourer, the Range Rover Sport and the luxury 4x4, the Range Rover which were launched in the country in June this year.

"The Freelander 2 has redefined the compact premium 4x4 segment. It delivers outstanding on-road performance as well as class-leading off-road ability, the hallmark of Land Rovers. A dynamic design, purposeful stance, smart and spacious interior, and an abundance of advanced technologies complete the package," a press release issued by Tata Motors said.

According to it, the Freelander 2 is powered by a 2.2 litre common rail turbodiesel engine. The engine is transversely mounted to provide extra space for better crash protection, front end styling and allows a shorter bonnet for more cabin space. Land Rover’s unique Terrain Response® system is standard on the vehicle.

It said the vehicle has a strong monocoque body and inner safety cell, with front and rear crumple zones which absorb energy on impact. It received a 5-star rating in the rigorous Euro NCAP tests for Adult Occupant Protection – a first in its class. This, along with Dynamic Technology Systems, Airbags and Command Driving Position complete the all-terrain, all weather package of the Freelander 2, the release said.

"We are encouraged by the response to the Land Rover vehicles in India. The Freelander 2, Land Rover's best-selling model globally, now complements the Land Rover range in the country. As we expand our reach across various cities in India, we will continuously enhance the Land Rover product portfolio and enable more and more customers to experience the benchmark in premium offroading vehicles," Mr Rohit Suri, Head, Premier Car Division, Tata Motors, said.

According to the release, the Freelander 2 is available in 3 trim levels in India---S, SE and HSE--with a starting price of Rs 33.79 lakhs ex-Mumbai.


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Tata Motors

Maruti Suzuki launches Estilo with K-series engine, new looks

Maruti Suzuki
Maruti Suzuki
India's leading car maker Maruti Suzuki India Limited today launched the Estilo with a new K-series engine and new overall looks.

Apart from the 998 cc K-series engine, the new technological features of the car include a new transmission system, a press release said.

It also has a Detent pin gear shift mechanism for smooth and precise gear shift feeling for the customers, it said.

According to the release, the Estilo now delivers a fuel efficiency of 18.2 kmpl (ARAI test results).

"This BSIV compliant engine makes the Estilo the second car in the Maruti Suzuki stable that meets the BSIV norms much ahead of the effective date, April 2010," the release said.

"The Estilo represents Maruti Suzuki matching pace with the changing taste and lifestyle of 'Vibrant India'. The bolder new Estilo, designed to meet the aspirations of the Indian customer, is a heady-mix of sculpted features, bold designs, new exciting colours," it said.

"The new Estilo, with a new technology engine and a new transmission, is sure to delight the customer. We are confident that the new Estilo, with its bolder new design and interiors, will add to the competitive edge of Maruti Suzuki in the compact car segment," Mr Shinzo Nakanishi, Managing Director and CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited, said.

"Product upgradation is an integral part of Maruti Suzuki's business strategy and future plans. This is a way to include feedback from the customers and offer better products that match their tastes," he said.

The compact hatchback new Estilo is a part of the growing A2 compact segment where Maruti Suzuki claims a market share of 58 per cent.

According to the release, the following are the salient features of the new Estilo:

Superior technology Engine

It houses the K-series 'K10B' engine under the hood. The 998cc three-cylinder engine delivers a power of 68 PS@ 6200rpm and a higher torque of 90Nm @ 3500rpm. The improved engine technology enables more power, low NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) and the lighter weight of the engine helps to increase the fuel efficiency with lower emissions. The new Estilo comes with ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 18.2 kmpl.

Technical highlights of the K10B engine include DOHC (Double Overhead Cam shaft) with offset crank shaft, resulting in better volumetric efficiency, improved power and FE, high compression ratio, plastic intake manifolds for reducing weight and suction losses, Smart Distributor-less ignition (SDLi) system with dedicated plug top coils and advanced injector for superior atomization. The engine oil in the new technology K10B engine is required to be changed only after 10,000 km thus lowering the running cost.

Environment friendly

The new Estilo is the second model from the Maruti Suzuki stable which is BSIV compliant, thanks to the K series engine. The Estilo is also ELV compliant and 89% of the parts are environment friendly meeting ELV norms. Further, to take on the forthcoming norms of 10% Ethanol blending of petrol, the new Estilo is also E-10 compliant. Maruti Suzuki is bringing these environment-friendly features to its range of cars much ahead of the industry adopting these norms.

Superior Transmission

A new transmission technology and a number of innovations make the new Estilo a combination of power and pleasure.

The new Estilo comes with a new Cable-type transmission technology. The five-speed manual gear with synchromesh is now changed to Cable type as against Rod-type, mechanical transmission earlier. This new transmission reduces the gear shifting effort in the new Estilo, by reducing mechanical losses.

The new Estilo has been fitted with an advanced 'detent pin' gear shift and select mechanism. This mechanism eliminates the sliding friction (or line contact) between parts and provides rolling friction (or point contact). This technology, in turn, facilitates smoother transition of gears, and is a first among all Maruti Suzuki products.

These engineering changes, based on customer feedback, provide gear shift assistance for the driver (the gear smoothly goes into its position with minimal effort of the driver). The mechanism reduces the friction and hysteresis losses, thereby proving smooth and precise shifting of gears. It also removes the feeling of stickiness during gear shift process.

Safety, Security & Comfort

The new Estilo is high on safety, security and comfort.

Improved occupant safety in the form of increase in the frontal impact absorbing area, as the distance between steering wheel and front bumper is increased.

The VXi variant comes equipped with front and rear fog lamps, rear wiper and washer. Safety features like Airbag (driver side) and ABS are provided as option in the VXi variant.

In terms of vehicle security the VXi variant comes with i-CATS integrated keys, five-door central locking and anti-theft alarm.

Rear parcel shelf adds to the passenger convenience and comfort in the VXi variant. Based on customer feedback, the suspension of the new Estilo has been fine tuned to provide improved ride and handling.

Compact and Convenient

The new Estilo has got a minimum ground clearance of 165 mm and wheelbase of 2360 mm. The tight turning radius of 4.6 meters makes the Estilo a favored car in tight parking and driving conditions.

Vibrant design, styling and looks

In its refreshed avatar, the new Estilo flaunts expressive, bold frontline looks owing to new swept-back headlamps, dynamic front and rear bumpers, sculpted fog lamp surrounds and a new hood design with crease lines. The rich chrome detailing in the grille and the stylish wheel covers add to the premium feel and the overall appeal of the vehicle. The side door mouldings and ORVM's have been given a new design to add to the bold looks.

The interiors of the new Estilo have been done up in a posh-looking two-tone beige/chocolate brown complimentary combination, which adds to the refreshing feel inside the vehicle. The seat-covers, embossed with new organically designed geometric patterns heighten the posh looks of the car's interiors.

The dash-board is in a dual tone chocolate brown and beige combination with new attractive and bright silver accent prominently on the center console, instruments cluster, steering wheel, AC louvers and gear knob. The instrument panel has an all new design speedometer, digital fuel level indicator and multi-function display.  

Vivacious new colours
New Ecru Beige Emerald Blue Dusky Brown Quantum Orange
Existing Silky Silver Superior White Bright Red Midnight Black

Price: Introductory Prices of Maruti Suzuki Estilo in NEW DELHI are:
  Introductory Prices  
Model City Ex-Showroom (Rs.)
Estilo Lx New Delhi 3.12 lacs
Estilo LXi New Delhi 3.40 lacs
Estilo VXi New Delhi 3.66 lacs


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Maruti Suzuki

Hindustan Photo Films launches new product for printing industry

HPF Logo

The public sector Hindustan Photo Films Mfg. Ltd. has launched a new product, Red Scanner Film, a basic raw material for the printing industry.

Dr Satyanarayan Dash, Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry, handed over a roll of the film to its first customer here today.

According to an official press release, the film, designed and developed by Hindustan Photo Films, is sensitive to Red and Far Red region of the colour spectrum and gives excellent image quality, good sharpness and high practical density.

The product has special features of high processing speed, compatible to rapid access developers and fixers. The product has wider applications in silkscreen printing, textile printing, offset printing, ceramic industry, hospitals using X-ray films, it said.

Dr Dash commended the role being played by the company in providing the products of use to the common man at affordable prices inspite of tough competition from foreign manufacturers.

Mr P Jagdeeswaran, Chairman and Managing Director of HPFML, and other senior officials were amongst those present.


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Hindustan Photo Films

Audi introduces Q5 in India


German luxury car manufacturer Audi has launched its much-awaited sports utility vehicle (SUV) Audi Q5 in India.

Voted the Best Off-Roader in Europe by auto motor und sport and awarded the Golden Steering Wheel in Germany, the Q5 combines the dynamism of a sports sedan with Audi’s quattro permanent all-wheel drive to create a superior technology package for both on- and off-road driving, the company said in a statement.

The Q5 with two engine options - 2.0 TFSI and 3.0 TDI - is available at Audi dealerships across India from this week, it said.

"The Audi Q5 stands testament to Audi’s commitment to innovation and sophistication. We introduce now another excellent product of the Audi model range to our Indian customers. The market for the SUV segment has seen tremendous growth in this country during the last years. Driven by our philosophy of 'Vorsprung durch Technik', the Audi Q5 will become a benchmark for style, performance, safety, comfort and driving dynamics in its segment. It joins its ‘big brother’ Audi Q7 in creating a new market for the smaller luxury SUV admirer in the country," Mr. Benoit Tiers, Managing Director Audi India, said.

The Q5's large single-frame grill dominates the front-end, the headlamps have xenon plus bulbs and LED running lights as standard, and the rear lights also feature LED technology. The vehicle is 4.63 meters long, 1.88 meters wide and 1.65 meters high.

The vehicle is available with two engines – one petrol (2.0 TFSI) and one diesel (3.0 TDI). Both of them are direct Audi Q5injection units. The 2.0 TFSI with Audi valvelift system has a maximum power output of 155 kW (211 hp) and speeds up to 100 km/h in 7.2 seconds. The 3.0 TDI is the most powerful engine in the range with 176 kW (240 hp) and 500Nm of torque. It speeds up from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 225 km/h.

For these engines Audi has developed a new generation of the dynamic S tronic - the dual-clutch transmission now has seven gears.

The standard and optional equipment includes the Audi driver information system, the MMI (Multi Media Interface), xenon plus headlights with LED technology, Bang & Olufsen surround sound, a DVD player, Rear Seat Entertainment, 3-Zone automatic air conditioning, cruise control, an acoustic parking system with rearview camera and many additional features, the statement said.

The Audi Q5 range starts at INR 3,829,000 for the 2.0 TFSI and INR 4,419,000 for the 3.0 TDI (ex-showroom Mumbai) and will be offered in six exciting colors: Stratos Blue, Garnet Red, Ice Silver, Meteor Grey, Phantom Black and Ibis White.

The new Audi Q5 will be available along with the entire Audi model range comprising the new Audi A6, Audi A8, Audi Q7, Audi A4, Audi TT and the super sports car Audi R8 from June 4 onwards at 11 dealerships across the country: in Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kochi, the statement added.


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The MobileStore unveils its private label Ray

The MobileStore
The MobileStore Logo
The MobileStore, the one-stop mobile solutions retail chain promoted by the Essar Group, has unveiled its private label "Ray" in the market.

Initially, four handsets are being launched with features such as touch screen, dual SIM, Bluetooth with A2DP, MP3 player and FM Radio.

The company said in a press release that its philosophy was to bring to the consumers feature-rich products at affordable prices.

It said Ray handsets would be available at all telecom retail stores across the country. The MobileStore is appointing other sub-distributors to leverage the opportunities across various locations in India.

The release said Ray handsets would come with a 12-month warranty and unique IMEI numbers. An all-India after-sales support would be provided through The MobileStore outlets, it said.
Ray M20Ray M31Ray T60Ray T65
The new models from Mobile Store. Clockwise from top left: Ray M20, Ray M31, Ray T65 and Ray T60.

“The launch of Ray is a very important milestone in the journey of The MobileStore and we are extremely happy to introduce our range of RAY handsets to today’s youth who are always open to new and interesting products. Ray handsets will provide the best features to the consumers at never before prices in the respective product segments,” Mr. Rajiv Agarwal,CEO and Director of The MobileStore Ltd said.

The MobileStore, among India's largest telecom retailers, is a one-stop mobile solution shop which offers telecom products like mobile telephones, mobile accessories, mobile connections & recharges, mobile bill payments, value added services, mobile repairs, mobile exchange, music & gaming devices and DTH under one roof. It has over 1300 company-owned and company-operated stores spread across 200 cities.

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The MobileStore

Mahindra unveils Flyte as its first 2-wheeler offering

Mahindra and Mahindra Logo
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), part of the US $6.7 billion Mahindra Group, has introduced the Flyte as its first two-wheeler offering across all markets in India.

This follows the company's acquisition of the business assets of Kinetic Motor Company in late 2008.

With this foray, M&M now caters to customers across a wide portfolio of product categories ranging from two wheelers and three wheelers to utility vehicles, commercial vehicles and passenger cars.

"The introduction of the Flyte marks the beginning of our two-wheeler foray. It will be our endeavour to present customers with more products that carry the quality and legacy of the Mahindra Group. We use the design and engineering services of all our affiliates including the Italy-based Engines Engineering in all our product development work to give technologically superior products to our consumers," Mr. Anoop Mathur, President – Two-wheeler Business, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd, said

The Flyte is a 125cc automatic scooter with features such as front fuelling, the largest storage space in its class and 4-in-1 anti-theft key. It has a 125 cc engine and telescopic suspension. It will be available at 238 dealerships in tier 2 and 3 cities as the flagship model from Mahindra. This network will be increased over a period of time, a company press release said.
Mahindra's first two-wheeler offering - Flyte.
Mahindra's first two-wheeler offering - Flyte.

Mahindra offers over 20 models of vehicles including utility vehicles like the Scorpio and the Bolero. It made an entry into the passenger car segement with the Logan a couple of years ago and is among the top tractor brands in the world.

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Mahindra and Mahindra

Rupa launches MacroMan M series

Rupa & Co.
Rupa Logo

Rupa & Co Ltd, one of India's largest manufacturers of hosiery inner, casual and sportswear, has launched a new premium fashionline, the MacroMan M Series.

The line of knitted inner wear and sportswear for men was unveiled at a fashion show featuring leading models. Actor Hrithik Roshan is the brand ambassador the new range.Hrithik Roshan

“With the launch of the new series we endorse our commitment to our consumers in India and abroad to provide world class comfort and style through our range of products," Mr.P R Agarwala, Chairman, Rupa & Co Ltd, said.

Hrithik Roshan said he was happy to endorse the brand. "Its appeal to me lies beyond just being an endorser of the brand; it makes me feel like someone who is intimately involved with the brand. I am happy that over the two years of my association with it we have come such a long way. It has truly been a pleasant experience," he said.

The premium inner wear industry is growing at the rate of 25 per cent annually and Macroman is growing at the rate of 35 per cent per year, a company press release said.

The new series includes vests, briefs, shorts, loungers, socks and sports shorts, among other things.

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Rupa & Co Ltd was established in 1968 as Binod Hosiery and has an annual turnover of $ 80 million today.

Airtel introduces My Airtel My Offer - an innovative service to empower the Airtel Prepaid user

Airtel Logo

Bharti Airtel, Asia's leading integrated telecom services provider today introduced an innovative service - My Airtel My Offer, that empowers its Prepaid mobile users to choose a product or service most suited to them.

My Airtel My Offer is an informative service platform that will assist the Airtel Prepaid user to choose the best available product/service across tariff packages, recharge denominations, validity periods, value-added service and any other local promotional offer currently available on the Airtel network. The products and offers have been customised to meet the requirements of Airtel customers basis their past usage behaviors.

Today mobile customers are presented with multiple packages and offers, each having their own value propositions. Hence this facility allows the customer to choose from the best of offers from Airtel, cutting away from the clutter of offers/services available in the market.

To avail this service, Airtel Prepaid customers can dial a toll free number - 12131 from their mobile. The IVR also has the capability to provide the caller with the option of choosing their local language while interacting with the IVR. This facility is not available while a customer is roaming. The service is currently launched on IVR and soon will be available through SMS & USSD as well.Airtel Plan
"At Airtel, we believe that every customer of ours is unique and valuable. We also understand that our customers have their own preferences and usage needs”. Said, Raghunath Mandava, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile Services, Airtel. “Based on an understanding of customers' usage behavior and further aided by technology & systems, My Airtel My Offer service has been developed with a unique ability to suggest the right product / offer to each customer within Airtel’s network. With My Airtel My Offer, we firmly believe that we are taking a major step towards empowering and transforming the user experience of all Airtel customers."

About Bharti Airtel Limited

Bharti Airtel Limited, a group company of Bharti Enterprises, is Asia’s leading integrated telecom services provider with operations in India and Sri Lanka and an aggregate of over 96.6 million customers as of end of March 2009, consisting of 93.92 million mobile customers. Bharti Airtel Limited has been voted as India's most innovative company, in a survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal.

Bharti Airtel is structured into three strategic business units - Mobile services, Telemedia services and Enterprise services. The mobile business offers services in India and Sri Lanka. The Telemedia business provides broadband and telephone services in 95 cities, DTH services and has recently forayed into the IPTV services. The Enterprise business provides end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national and international long distance services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Airtel’s high-speed optic fibre network currently spans over 90,205 kms covering all the major cities in the country. The company has two international landing stations in Chennai that connects two submarine cable systems - i2i to Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe. For more information, visit

Contact Details: 

For further information contact:

Abhinandan Saikia
Bharti Airtel Limited                            
Tel: +91 9871828900

Saurabh Gupta
Comma Consulting
Tel: +91 11 4600 3212
Mob: +91 9818075578

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