Motorsport: Muddappa tops Drag race; Nivetha, Alisha share honours in Girls category

Bengaluru’s Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing), astride BMW S1000RR, expectedly dominated the two rounds of the MMSC fmsci Indian National Motorcycle Drag Racing Championship 2019 at the MMRT here last weekend while also setting a record fastest time.
In Round-1 of the championship, Muddappa clocked 8.270 secs in the Unrestricted category and bettered that in Round-2 that was run the following day, clocking a blistering 7.976 seconds for the 302-metre dash on the MMRT’s start-finish straight.
Nivetha Jessica (Speed Up Racing) and Alisha Abdullah shared the honours across two rounds in the Girls category that made its debut in the National championship. Nivetha won the first round (Saturday) in 16.516 secs while Alisha timed 16.851 in the second round (Sunday).
The next two rounds of the championship will be held at the same venue on December 28 and 29.
The results:
Unrestricted (Round-1): 1. Hemanth Muddappa (Mantra Racing) (08.270secs); 2. Zubair Ali Jung (08.311); 3. Hafizullah Khan (08.448). Round-2: 1. Hemanth Muddappa (07.976); 2. Hafizullah Khan (08.150); 3. Zubair Ali Jung (08.381).
361-550cc (Round-1): 1. Anandhu KK (12.488); 2. Attaulla Baig (12.805); 3. Aiyaz (13.056). Round-2: 1. Aiyaz (12.455); 2. Attaulla Baig (12.714); 3. Anandhu KK (12.774).
226-360cc (Round-1): 1. Yogeshwaran (13.440); 2. S Ravi (13.913); 3. A Shankar Guru (13.933). Round-2: 1. Alexander AS (13.373); 2. Yogeshwaran (13.499); 3. Bharathraj (13.617).
166-225cc (Round-1): 1. Badusha M (14.996); 2. Manoj Kumar S (15.037); 3. Ahamed Vasin (15.441). Round-2: 1. Deepak N (14.784); 2. Badusha M (14.796); 3. Ahamed Vasin (15.315).
GIRLS (Up to 165cc, Round-1): Nivetha Jessica (Speed Up Racing) (16.516); 2. Alisha Abdullah (16.871); 3. A Soundari Anantharaj (Speed Up Racing) (16.890). Round-2: 1. Alisha Abdullah (16.851); 2. Nivetha Jessica (Speed Up Racing) (16.911); 3. Ann Jennifer (17.005).
2-Stroke 131-165cc (Round-1): 1. Mohammed Rafiq (13.029); 2. Syed Nayeem (13.143); 3. Manoj Kumar (13.304). Round-2: 1. Mohammed Rafiq (12.945); 2. Manoj Kumar (13.303); 3. Rajesh S (13.338). Up to 130cc (Round-1): Mohammed Rafiq (13.888); 2. R Madhan Kumar (13.965); 3. Syed Nayeem (14.039). Round-2: 1. Mohammed Rafiq (13.571); 2. Syed Nayeem (13.784); 3. R Madhan Kumar (13.869).

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