Pollachi case goes to CBI, stir still spreads

Although the Tamil Nadu government gave its nod for a CBI probe into the Pollachi sexual assault-cum-blackmail case, security was heightened and holidays declared in colleges here on Thursday with protests gaining momentum as more awful facts of the abuse come out.
All colleges were shut down in this town, 535 km from the state capital, by the authorities following student protest demanding action against the culprits -- Thirunavukkarasu, Sabarirajan, Vasanthakumar, Satish -- now in custody.
Stringent security has been put in place ever since details of how scores of women from college teachers to students and even working professionals and others were sexually assaulted, harassed and blackmailed by the gang came to light.
Videos have also emerged that apparently show that the victims were lured to secluded spots and molested, filmed in the process, and blackmailed for money. 
On Wednesday, the Madras High Court even rapped the media for poor coverage of the huge crime that was being committed over days. 
Cricketer Ashwin Ravichandran, who has been following the case closely has lamented on the social media.
"There are so many pressing issues that need to be addressed in my state and my country. Every morning, I open Twitter and tell myself [justice can be delayed and not denied', 'change is inevitable etc' ," he tweeted on Wednesday. 
"All the above quotes are just to cheat my emotions and not say something that will land me in trouble with the concerned people. 
"I would like to reiterate and say 'change is inevitable' but remember we need to be the change and initiate it rather than sit back and complain about authorities or lack of justice. Now don't ask me what I am talking about and start guessing what it could be. Just get on with changing what you feel needs a change," he added.
On Thursday, the cricketer openly came out with his angst and said: "Protests in Pollachi?? Can anyone tell me what's happening there right now?? "
He even retweeted a few posts by others on the case.
The AIADMK government decided to hand the investigation to the CBI, soon after the probe was transferred to the Crime Branch-Crime Investigation Department (CBCID) from the Coimbatore police, said an official.
The government's move came as the probe involves analysis of mobile phones, social media posts of the four accused and the affected women.
It was not even 24 hours that the CBCID had started its probe into the crime taking over from from the Coimbatore police.
The CBCID even formed a special team to start the probe as "the number of people involved in the crime was yet to be known", one of the investigators said.
Tamil Nadu Director General of Police T.K. Rajendran had ordered the transfer to the CBCID only on Tuesday.
The case made national headlines after the high court rap and huge protests by students, and women groups on social media.

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