BJP is back to Hindutva theme, Modi government failed: Chidambaram

Former Union Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Thursday said the BJP has gone back to its old theme of Hindutva after failing on all fronts and reiterated that state-wise alliances would be the best way to defeat the saffron party.
He also said the Central government no longer talks about "achhe din" and the promise of development lies in a shambles.
"There is no talk anymore of development or jobs, or investment or higher incomes or growth. The only talk we hear is about Hindutva agenda.
"Soon after his election, the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) appealed to the country to put all divisive and controversial issues under a moratorium for 10 years, and focus on development. The Prime Minister himself has resurrected the divisive and controversial issues," he told reporters here.
He also alleged that all others from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), to ministers, to minor functionaries of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are talking and writing about divisive issues.
"When they contested elections four-and-half-years ago, they talked about development, jobs and growth. They failed on all three fronts. They achieved nothing either on development, or jobs or growth. They have gone back to their old themes of Hindutva, giant statues, grand temples. It's complete failure of the Modi government," he said.
Chidambaram also said that state-wise alliances should be formed in different states to defeat the saffron party.
"State-wise alliances will benefit the Congress party. The best way to defeat BJP is to form state-wise alliances. One kind of alliance formed in Karnataka has yielded results," the Congress leader said.
When asked about the possibility of an alliance with ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal, he said: "AICC will take the decision... I am not the competent person (to make a comment)."
Speaking on the recently concluded bye-elections in Karnataka, he said the vote in the bye-elections was a "big blow" to the BJP as people showed their confidence in the Congress- JD(S) government.
"The BJP has not paused to reflect. The BJP and RSS are pressing the accelerator on the Hindutva agenda. The next few weeks will be crucial," he added.

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