AMMA must look into issues raised by actresses: Kerala Minister

A Kerala Minister on Sunday urged the Association of Malayalam Movie Artists (AMMA) to look into the grievances raised by actresses.
The Women's Collective in Cinema (WCC) has raised concerns over how AMMA, led by superstar Mohanlal, has handled the case involving the kidnapping of an actress.
The Kerala government will step in if a need arises, State Minister for Law, Cinema and Culture A.K. Balan said here.
"Now that the WCC has raised issues, in all fairness, AMMA should look into it and sort out it," said Balan.
The WCC was formed last year by women drawn from various sectors of the film industry to fight for their cause, after they found that AMMA was not protecting their interests.
Senior actor Dileep is an accused in a kidnapping case that took place last year. The actor was in jail for 85 days and is now out on bail.
It was at a lengthy press conference that the WCC, led by actress Revathy, alleged that AMMA has not supported the victim, whereas Dileep has got all the backing.
Others who took part included Rima Kallingal, Remya Nambisan and Geetu Mohandas, who had earlier quit from AMMA to protest against the way the actress' kidnapping issue was handled by AMMA.
On Saturday, Revathy said things were not clean in the Malayalam film industry. She said she was shocked to see a 17-year-old young girl knocking at her door and complaining about the way she was exploited.
But on Sunday, Revathy issued a statement, clearing her stance regarding something she said during the press conference, in reference to an incident which took place years ago.
"I wish to clarify that the said incident happened 25-26 years back and not one and a half years back as some are projecting it to be. She said that someone repeatedly knocked at her door asking her to open and she did not know who it was. I asked her to come inside the room and locked the door. She was scared and I was also equally scared and both of us waited out that night in fear. No sexual or physical assault actually happened," said Revathy.
Meanwhile, a lawyer has filed a petition at a police station in Kochi against Revathy for withholding the information and not reporting to the concerned authorities.
Following the WCC press meet on Saturday evening, their Facebook page has come under cyber attack.

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