India Pavilion inaugurated at Cannes Film Festival 2018

Co-production opportunities between India and France were explored at the inauguration of the Indian Pavilion at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 here yesterday.
Hosted by noted actor Sharad Kelkar, the Indian delegation present at the function comprised Indian Ambassador Vinay Mohan Kwatra, I&B Joint Secretary Ashok Kumar Parmar and Mr Prasoon Joshi, writer, poet and Chairman, Central Board of Film Certification India.
Others present were Ms Vani Tripathi Tikoo Member, Central Board of Film Certification, producer-director Jerome Paillard, Executive Director, Marche Du Film Festival, Cannes Film Market, Huma Qureshi,  actress, and filmmakers Shaji Karun,  Jahnu Barua, and Bharat Bala.
The agenda of the delegation from India this year is to showcase diversity in films of India while furthering collaborations with various other countries.
Speaking about the growth of the nation being well reflected through Indian cinema, Kwatra said what is happening in the country currently is the unprecedented transformation in technology and the economy and that these growing externalities are reflected in Indian cinema.
Me Paillard stated that the Indian Pavilion was a very important tool to help to connect the European and worldwide community of films.
Speaking about Indo-French Cinema collaboration, Ms Tikoo said India has a fantastic relationship with both Cannes film festival and the French film industry. In recent times, films like Tamasha and Befikre were shot extensively in this part of the world and found great resonance with the narrative storytelling between the two countries.
During the Inaugural address, Mr Joshi stressed the need to reach out to young filmmakers who might not have access to a festival like Cannes. Several mini-Cannes film festivals should be organised all around the world to help more and more filmmakers.
A meeting between the Indian delegation and Isabelle Giordano, Director General, Unifrance, M Loïc Wong, Director of International Department, CNC, France along with Ms Valérie L’Epine-Karnik, CEO, Film France was held to explore co-production opportunities between India and France.
A roundtable discussion was also held to explore collaborations with countries like Brazil, Philippines, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Taiwan, Canada and New Zealand where the film commissioners from these countries discussed the opportunities and challenges for co-production with India. 
Discussions were also held with the heads and management of various Indian studios and production houses to see how films in different languages could become more viable and what the government could do to help filmmakers in the country.
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