Ravi Venkatesan resigns from Infosys Board to pursue "exciting new opportunity"

IT services major Infosys Limited today said that Mr. Ravi Venkatesan, Independent Director, would step down from the Board to accept "an exciting new role".
Mr. Venkatesan has been an independent director since 2011 and served briefly as Co-Chairman before successfully transitioning this responsibility when Mr. Nandan Nilekani became Chairman in August 2017.
Mr. Venkatesan said, “I joined the Board at a time when Infosys was beginning the complex journey of transitioning from founder-led to professional management. This was also a time of tectonic industry shifts. I am pleased that this mission has been accomplished. Infosys is strong, in good hands, and is gaining momentum. My seven years on the board have been exciting, rewarding and eventful. l feel fortunate to have been part of this extraordinary company at a seminal moment in its history and to have worked with so many fine colleagues on the Board and in management. I wish Infosys and all Infoscions the greatest success in the coming years.”
Mr. Nilekani, Chairman of the Board, said, “I thank Ravi for his pivotal contributions to Infosys in a period of important transitions and towards a digital-first future. This passage is one that every entrepreneurial company faces eventually and I thank Ravi for his leadership in ensuring a successful transition. The Board will miss his passion, strategic insights, and personal warmth, but he will always remain a friend. Ravi has been a champion for driving social impact and it is desire to do more, that led to his request for stepping off the Board. I am delighted that he will be pursuing an exciting opportunity in this area. On behalf of my colleagues on the Board, I wish him all success with his new endeavor.”
Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw, Lead Independent Director added, “Ravi has been a good friend, an extraordinary colleague, and a valuable board member at a hugely important time for Infosys. We will miss him greatly.”
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