Former Indian Ambassador to US Naresh Chandra passes away

Naresh Chandra
Naresh Chandra
Former Indian Ambassador to the United States and former Union Cabinet Secretary Naresh Chandra passed away in a hospital in Goa late last night, sources said.
He was 82.
According to sources in the Manipal Hospital, Goa, Mr. Chandra was brought to the hospital late on Friday evening with complaints of fever and muscle pain following multiple episodes of vomiting and loose motions. His blood pressure and oxygenation were low.
He was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital where he suffered a cardiac arrest later that night. The doctors managed to revive him but his vital organs had started failing, they said.
Last night, around 10.05 pm, Mr. Chandra suffered another cardiac arrest and, despite their best efforts, the doctors could not save him. He was declared dead at 10.40 pm, they added.
The family of Mr. Chandra, who was a bachelor, has been informed and, once they arrive, his body would be flown to Delhi for the last rites, the sources said.
Mr. Chandra had served as the Cabinet Secretary from 1990-92 and as the Ambassador to the United States from 1996 to 2001. He was honoured by the Government with the Padma Vibhushan, the nation's second highest civilian honour, in 2007.
Born on August 1, 1934, Mr. Chandra, who had an M.Sc. in Mathematics from the Allahabad University, joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in May, 1956 and served in various assignments in Rajasthan and at the Centre.
He became Chief Secretary of Rajasthan Government in July, 1985 and served as Adviser to the Governor of Jammu & Kashmir for eight months in the following year.
He served as Secretary, Water Resources from 1987-89, as Defence Secretary from February 1989 to March 1990 and Union Home Secretary from March 1990 to December that year before being appointed as Cabinet Secretary.
In August 1992 he was appointed as Senior Adviser to the Prime Ministr and served as Governor of Gujarat from July 1, 1995 to February 29, 1996.


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