Cabinet approves construction of 10 units of indigenous Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors

The Union Cabinet today gave its approval for the construction of ten units of India's indigenous Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (PWHRs) with a total installed capacity of 7000 MW.
An official press release said the decision that would fast-track India’s domestic nuclear power programme and give a push to its nuclear industry, was expected to result in a significant augmentation of nuclear power generation capacity in the country.
India currently has installed nuclear power capacity of 6780 MW from 22 operational plants. Another 6700 MW of nuclear power is expected to come on stream by 2021-22 through projects presently under construction.
The release said that, in a first-of-its-kind project in the nuclear power sector in India, the ten new units would come up in fleet mode as a fully homegrown initiative. It would be one of the flagship "Make in India" projects in this sector.
With likely manufacturing orders of close to Rs. 70,000 crore to the domestic industry, the project will help transform Indian nuclear industry by linking the country's goal of a strong nuclear power sector with its indigenous industrial capacities in high-end technologies. 
The release said the project would bring about substantial economies of scale and maximise cost and time efficiencies by adopting fleet mode for execution. It is expected to generate more than 33,400 jobs in direct and indirect employment. With manufacturing orders to domestic industry, it will be a big step towards strengthening India’s credentials as a major nuclear manufacturing powerhouse, it said.
"The ten reactors will be part of India’s latest design of 700 MW PHWR fleet with state-of-art technology meeting the highest standards of safety. 
"The approval also marks a statement of strong belief in the capability of India’s scientific community to build our technological capacities. The design and development of this project is a testament to the rapid advances achieved by India’s nuclear scientific community and industry. It underscores the mastery our nuclear scientists have attained over all aspects of indigenous PHWR technology. India’s record of building and operating PHWR reactors over the last nearly forty years is globally acclaimed," the release said.
According to it, the decision also reflects the Government’s commitment to prioritise the use of clean power in India’s energy mix, as part of low-carbon growth strategy and to ensure long-term base load requirement for the nation’s industrialization. 
It also supports India’s commitment to sustainable development, energy self-sufficiency and bolsters global efforts to combat climate change, the release added.


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