Mukherjee stresses need for capacity building among youth

Stressing the need for capacity building for skilled work among the 600 million youth in the age group of 25 years and below, President Pranab Mukherjee has called for inculcating in them an aptitude to think ahead in which the universities could play a major role.
Delivering the convocation address at Goa University here yesterday, Mr Mukherjee said that, to prepare graduates for a competitive global economy, educational institutions would have to adopt global best practices for world-class academic management.
“Our institutions have to work relentlessly towards excellence. They have to provide the best of amenities to their academic community. Models of teaching have to be adaptive to the latest trends and also the changing learner profile,” he said.
“There has to be an alliance between the IT-enabled platforms like MOOCs and knowledge networks, and pedagogy. As concepts and understanding evolve, our faculty has to be better prepared with updated knowledge.
“A strong research eco-system has to be built on the plank of institutional collaborations, research parks, and talented researchers. There also have to be a close link between Indian universities and industries,” he added.
Recognising that no institution can excel in isolation, he said they have to provide students and faculty international exposure, introduce industry relevant matter in course work, and share academic resources.
“A mechanism is needed in our higher education system that promotes competitiveness. National Institute Ranking Framework (NIRF) is a valuable initiative. I am sure that with greater and more involved participation, this indicator will provide impetus to our institutions to do better in the coming years,” Mr Mukherjee said.
“Our centres of higher learning are social institutions too. They have to carry out their responsibilities as a social entity. A strong connection with the society will provide the edifice for value-oriented learning in them. This will instil in the students a sensitivity that will inspire them to search for solutions to vexed socio-economic problems in the environment in which they are living.
"The onus is on our institutions to produce men and women of substance and character, not merely competent professionals, he added.
On the occasion, the President was conferred with an honorary D. Litt. degree.


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