India, New Zealand agree to strengthen cooperation against terrorism, radicalization

Modi, New Zealand PM John Key hold talks in Delhi
India and New Zealand today agreed to strengthen their security and intelligence cooperation against terrorism and radicalization, including in the domain of cyber security.
"Terrorism remains one of the greatest challenges to global peace and security," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said at a joint media interaction with New Zealand Prime Minister John Key after their bilateral talks.
"Today, the financial, logistical and information networks of terror span the entire globe. The barriers of geography do not safeguard against the threat of radicalization and terrorism. Nations who believe in humanity need to coordinate their actions and policies to counter this threat," he said.
Mr. Modi began by saying that it was a particular pleasure  to receive Mr. Key in India during the festive season. "I am told that it is now a regular feature for the New Zealand Parliament to celebrate the festival of Diwali and, you yourself have participated in several of these festivities. So, it is a particular pleasure to receive you in India during the festive season," he said.
He said Mr. Key and he had met several times on the sidelines of multilateral summits and it was an honour for India to welcome him on a bilteral visit.
"In a little while from now, our cricket teams will take the field in Ranchi for the fourth One Day International. In many ways some of the cricketing terminology reflects progress in our bilateral linkages. In our ties, we have moved from fielding at Long Off to taking a fresh guard at the batting pitch. Defensive play has given way to aggressive batting," he said.
Mr. Modi said Mr. Key and he had had "detailed and productive discussions" on all aspects of their bilateral engagement and multilateral cooperation.
He said trade and Investment ties had been one of the key areas of their conversation.
"We both recognized the need for greater economic engagement in order to effectively respond to the growing uncertainties in global economy and, agreed that expanding business and commercial ties should continue to be one of the priority items of our partnership. I am sure that the large business delegation accompanying Prime Minister Key will not only witness firsthand the investment opportunities on offer in India’s growth story. Their interactions will also build new commercial partnerships between our two countries. I would like to mention food processing, dairy and agriculture, and related areas in their supply chain as some of the areas of particular potential for bilateral cooperation. New Zealand’s strength and capacity in these sectors can combine with India’s vast technology needs to build partnerships that can benefit both our societies," he said.
Mr. Modi said they also agreed that actions by both governments should also promote greater business connectivity, including through movement of skilled professionals, between their two economies and societies. In this regard, they agreed to continue to work closely towards an early conclusion of a balanced and mutually beneficial Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement.
He said that, alongside extensive bilateral engagement, their close cooperation also extends to the global arena. 
"On regional issues, we have agreed to enhance our cooperation, including in the East Asia Summit process. The reform of international governance institutions is a shared priority for us both. We are thankful for New Zealand’s support to India joining a reformed UN Security Council as a permanent member. As we make our own contribution to the developmental efforts of the Pacific Island countries, we will continue to consult closely with New Zealand to complement and supplement each other’s efforts.
"I am also thankful to Prime Minister Key for New Zealand’s constructive approach to the consideration of India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group," he said.
"The people of New Zealand have expressed their confidence in your leadership time and again and, I can see why. I thank you for your personal commitment to take our bilateral partnership forward, and to strengthen the bonds of friendship and people to people relations between our countries," he added.


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