India test-fires BrahMos land-attack cruise missile for second time in 24 hours

File photo of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile being launched from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher.
File photo of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile being launched from a Mobile Autonomous Launcher.
India carried out a successful test-firing of its BrahMos land-attack cruise missile (LACM) for the second time in 24 hours in the eastern sector today.
The test-firing had helped to stamp the "impeccable accuracy possessed by this formidable weapon’s precision strike capability," a press release from BrahMos Aerospace said.
The supersonic cruise missile had been launched at 1310 hours yesterday and again at 1330 hours today against the same land target, it said.
The launch met all flight parameters, including high level manoeuvers, and the missile successfully hit the designated land-based target with desired accuracy, officials confirmed. 
Today’s launch was the 48th test-firing of BrahMos, with the missile achieving unmatched precise hit, practically hitting at  the same spot as the first missile, a feat seldom achieved by any weapon system in the world of this range, the release said.  
Mr Sudhir Mishra , CEO & MD BrahMos Aerospace, conveyed his congratulations and best wishes to Indian Army, DRDO scientists and the BrahMos team for the excellent launch. 
“BrahMos today has once again flawlessly demonstrated its capability in the Eastern Sector. This launch is definitely a huge morale booster for our armed forces who are its proud possessors," he added. 
The land-attack version of BrahMos has been operationalised in the Indian Army since 2007. The fire-and-forget missile has the capability to take on surface-based targets by flying a combined hi-lo trajectory, thus evading enemy air defence systems. Inclusion of the powerful strike missile in Indian Army has given it a distinct tactical advantage to knock down any enemy target even in the most difficult and hidden terrains, the release added.

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