IDPA in 5-year pact with DD National to showcase documentary films

The Independent Documentary Producers’ Association (IDPA) has signed a five-year contract with public broadcaster Doordarshan to telecast documentaries from across India.
IDPA President and well-known documentary filmmaker Mike Pandey told a press conference here yesterday, on the sidelines of the the 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI), that, under the agreemet, documentary makers would be paid substantially to help them recover their costs to an extent.
He said documentary films have an educational purpose and must be promoted in partnership with the government as well as by the private sector under the corporate social responsibility (CSR) rules.
Mr Pandey said IDPA would approach the government to set up a television channel for value-based educational films. He said such a channel could help achieve better programmes on themes like cleanliness, women's and children's health, environment and so on.
He said the IDPA was trying to create a welfare trust for independent producers to help them in times of crises. He said documentary film makers were educators of the future. He said what they captured today would be part of history tomorrow, citing the examples of documentaries on Jawaharlal Nehru.
He said IDPA plans to hold festivals in universities across India. He said IDPA centres could be set up in different states for regular screening of documentary films.
Mr Pandey urged the organisers of IFFI to give opportunities to documentary film makers to showcase their films at the festival. He said a documentary lounge should be created to enable buyers and other film makers to view the films, discuss and negotiate. Documentary film makers should also be honoured and given awards at the IFFI, he added. 
IDPA General Secretary Priti Chandriani said that the organisation was holding workshops and master classes to train people for producing documentaries but this needed to be done on a much larger scale for which funds are required.

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