'Yeh dil maange more': Modi uses Kargil martyr's catch- phrase, upsets his family

Modi says "Ye dil maange more" at Mandi rally
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today landed himself in a major controversy today when, at an election meeting in Himachal Pradesh, he used the catch-phrase "Yeh Dil Maange More!" made famous by Kargil martyr Vikram Batra to seek votes.
Mr Modi was campaigning for his party in Palampur, the home town of Batra, who was posthumously honoured by the government with the Param Vir Chakra.
Vikram Batra had famously used the phrase in an interview to a television channel after he had led his troops in recapturing a peak in Kargil.
The martyr's family was clearly upset with Mr Modi's use of the phrase, especially his mother, Kamal Kanta Batra, who is contesting the elections as a candidate of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) from the neighbouring constituency of Hamirpur, accused him of being a "pseudo patriot". 
The remarks also invited sharp criticism from the Congress and the BJP's other political rivals.
"Modi was in charge of the BJP in Himachal during the Kargil war. He was in Palampur when Vikram died. Why didn't he visit us or any martyr's family then. Why remember us after 15 years?" Vikram Batra's mother asked.
The hero's father, Mr G L Batra, accused the BJP of dragging his son's name into politics. 
The family also said that Mr Modi should withdraw the BJP's candidate against Vikram Batra's mother in Hamirpur if he felt so indebted to martyrs.
Later, in Delhi, BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi sought to defend Mr Modi, saying that a martyr's family could not claim copyright over his words and that, in any case, the phrase was basically a slogan used by a well-known cola company. She also said Vikram Batra's mother was also asking for votes in her son's name.
File photo of Vikram Batra
File photo of Vikram Batra
Ms Lekhi also told journalists that Mrs Batra should have joined the BJP instead of AAP.
Mr Modi told the crowd at the meeting that they had given the Congress a chance to rule the country for 60 months and they should try him out for at least 60 months.
"I want to serve you. You've given them 60 years. Can't you give me 60 months? Yeh dil maange more! Give me 60 months," he pleaded, using the phrase at least three times.
"Where will more Vikram Batras come from?" he asked, accusing the Congress of betraying the country's armed forces.
"Vikram Batra died for the country - he had said - yeh dil maange more. I say it too. I want all four seats in Himachal. I want 300 lotuses across India," he said, referring to the BJP's election symbol.
In a subsequent speech, Mr Modi tried to undo the damage by saying that he was saddened and deeply pained at the way "petty politics took over my tribute to Vikram Batra" in Himachal Pradesh earlier in the day.
"There is no question of insulting our martyrs who give everything to the nation. I would rather quit politics than insult our martyrs," he said.



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