I Think I Need A Wife!

Preparing for a small party at home --- all in a day's work for a wife.
Preparing for a small party at home --- all in a day's work for a wife.
"If I am not misunderstood..............I think I need a wife!”
That was my response to a question thrown at me at a recent interaction. What is the one thing that you would ever want in life?
I thought for a moment and realised I had everything. I had a beautiful house, a home, a loving husband, two wonderful children, an absolutely handsome golden retriever, a garden, enough money, everything was so perfect. I had nothing to wish for, nothing to complain about. No one else could replace anything that I had.  
I thought for a while. There is something, probably. Yes! I need a wife.
Having looked all around me, interacting with different women, they all had one thing in common. They took a sabbatical and managed their home. Some of them were doctors, lawyers, lecturers, all from different professions. What is it that made them give up their dreams of being independent and career-oriented? 
It was the love they had for their man and children. They didn’t want a member in their home to feel lost. So many ‘what if’ situations to take care of. No one else could handle them better than her.
6. 15 am-  wake up time. Keep milk on stove, boil water, boil eggs, leave the dog, get the newspaper, switch off the light outside, make coffee for husband, milk for kids, wake them up, keep reminding them to get ready, see them off (did you take the water bottle?), see off husband (have you taken the wallet, mobile, office keys, office id?). Close the gate and wave with a smile ….Thank God! The house is all mine. 
What do I do? Tidy up the house, dusting, water the plants, sort out clothes for ironing and wash, put clothes for wash, hang out the clothes, make dinner, an evening snack, finish off all my freelance projects for an hour or two, bathe, and do I hear the doorbell??? 
Well! The kids are back. Keep your shoes on the rack, change, wash up, have your snack, they either go to play or they go for a class. Light the lamp. Sit for a while enjoying the evening peace for half an hour (what’s running through my mind is what’s left to be done), go back to the freelance work, kids are back, sit with them with their studies and the doorbell rings again! 
Husband is back!…….dinner time, wash the vessels, keep all arranged for the morning, switch of lights, kiss kids good night and collapse.
Feeling stressed out reading this, or is it boring? Well! That’s the life of a wife.
Only a wife can multitask. While you are away, she takes care of every aspect of your home. When you return, you have a tidy home, warm home cooked food (with the secret ingredient- Love), kids will be taken care of and the most important fact - She is just there! ................ so guys! I think I NEED A WIFE! 
This statement triggered several questions in the minds of men we know. Was I leaving my husband? Whereas, others thought, Wow! Lovely idea. The lucky guy would have two wives!  Obviously, Men will be Men! 
My thought was more or less based on the depth of the person she is.  I need to experience the same assurance and care. I want to give her abundant love for just being there for me and setting things right. And trust me! I would be so possessive of my wife. 
When other husbands jokingly made the statement, that every man would want a wife, an interesting thought went through my mind. A husband would never think he needs a husband...because a wife offers so much support to the family whereas a husband increases the work load (He would never want a replica of himself, would he?).
A wife means so much. She is the most efficient person, so caring and definitely with an amazing presence of mind to handle difficult situations. She with the ability to multi-task, the only thing she would probably need was to be like an octopus. At times, a doctor, a plumber, an electrician, the finance controller, a chef, takes care of the housekeeping, a motivator, a counsellor, a consultant, and several others.
I have been on both sides of the world. The working woman and a home maker. Either ways, I managed the home. With growing responsibilities, a woman has to make her choices - a choice between responsibilities and self-growth. 
As husband and wife, the decisions are made together. So much thought goes into the discussion.  Well, is there a choice? It takes two people to discuss for hours and come up with the obvious conclusion -  the woman stays home.
I never think it is a male dominated world, the fact is men think they should dominate and women too think men dominate. But we need to understand that we depend on each other, one's survival depends on the other's existence. So look after each other, acknowledge each other, respect each other, and consider each other. Society puts responsibilities and duties into compartments, this duty is for a man and that for woman. Why not help each other so each individual lives life to the fullest?
A wife has no personal gain other than the happiness to see her husband and children return to a comfortable home. 
Come to think of it,  men are really lucky. As men relate to technology, let me put it this way: in a wife they have several applications to set their world right and more efficient. The one person in their life with several features. Yes, there are times when there could be a virus attack and the system crashes, but, trust me, the anti- virus is probably a simple solution -- a hug and a question, “ How was your day?” 
So, "If I am not misunderstood..............I think I need a wife to just be there for me!” 
Anita Peter
Anita Peter
Anita Peter is a corporate trainer by profession and a dancer and actress by passion. She has acted in two Malayalam films, several Malayalam and Tamil television serials and in plays. She has compered shows and programmes and modelled for several print ads and television commercials for popular brands. She was among the top 10 finalists of the Haier Gladrags Mrs India 2011.
She is an active member of a non-profit dance school in Bangalore that promotes art and culture. She is also a certified grade "B" artist by Doordarshan Kendra for Mohiniyattam and has performed in several dance festivals and events.  Among other things, she won the Kerala State Championship in Artistic and Figure Roller Skating. She is currently based in Hyderabad.

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Great .... its a reflection of womanhood and what one is capable of...

This is an article every

This is an article every house wife mother would like to tell it one voice. . Am so glad Mrs anita Peter came out with this beautiful article well written and said in simple language which every woman want to say. Anita Peter looking forward for articles like this which is to related to every life of a human being. ..

Well said..written..thought

Well said..written..thought !! Never thought of this great idea though i always had gone through the same feelings !!
Hope women will enjoy reading this article n the menfolk will make an attempt to reasonably satisfy n take care of their wives !!

A nice and light article.

A nice and light article. Shows in depth what any person would need. A person to be right there! - assurance that removes all stress, monotony or boredom. Thanks for the article.


Anita :: It was an insightful reading :: But this applies to only Indian situation :: Am sure you will agree this does not apply to European/ American wives? Good prose ::: Thnks for sharing ::: Luv :::

nice article

I read your article and it is really good. It is light, easy to read, it will make every man take some time to appreciate what his wife is doing, and at the same, it will make a woman realize her role in keeping the family together. The article also gives prominence to a relationship, such that it works both ways. It is really good and you must take up writing similar articles.

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