Saroja Prime Health sets up chronic pain management centre in Bangalore

Saroja Prime Health Pvt Ltd, a company incorporated by a United States-based physician couple, has launched a pain management centre in Bangalore.
A press release from the company said the Reliv Center for Chronic Pain Management would provide the latest treatment modalities using modern medical equipment for safe and effective management of chronic debilitating pain.
“India has a very high prevalence of chronic pain," Dr Madhu Yelameli, the company's founder-director, who runs a pain management centre in the US, said.
“Whenever I visit India I am constantly approached by people suffering from chronic pain without recourse to an effective treatment," he said.
The release said chronic low back pain, neck pain, knee pain, headache, shoulder pain, neuropathy and certain other unique pain conditions like reflex sympathetic dystrophy and cancer pain affect almost 30% of the Indian adult population. 
Though living with chronic debilitating pain has become a thing of the past in most of the developed parts of the world, in India this medical specialty is almost unknown.  
Typically chronic pain is managed by anesthesiologists who have undergone super- specialization in pain management. They are trained to use multiple modalities that include potent pain medications, effective injection procedures and state-of-the-art device implants to conquer severe intractable pain.
The relese said the new centre would offer a wide range of procedures from simple epidural injections to radiofrequency nerve ablation procedures to spinal cord stimulator implants and spinal morphine pump implants for the most debilitating chronic and cancer pains.
“We perform these procedures using image guidance either with live fluoroscopy or ultrasound to achieve accuracy and safety," said Dr. Vishwanath Siddalingaiah, UK-trained Medical Director of the Reliv Centre.
Highly skilled physicians can perform these procedures quickly maintaining efficacy and safety, the release said.
"This is the reason our centre employs fully trained and qualified physicians willing to relocate to India so our people get world class treatment right here in Bangalore," Dr. Shashirekha Shetty, a director of the company, said.
“Though some corporate hospitals have started offering these services, access to and awareness among pain sufferers and referring physicians is minimal. Physicians specializing in this field have to compete for limited resources in large hospitals that increases the cost of the services they offer. In contrast, at standalone pain centres, patients are evaluated by expert physicians and offered immediate relief using interventional procedures at the same visit,” says Mr. Mohan Pothur, the Chief Operating Officer of the company. 
Most patients can leave the centre after treatment within hours. All the procedures and surgeries done for chronic pain at the centre are same-day procedures not needing hospitalization, the release added.

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