London Talents to stage educational theatre shows at schools in Mumbai, Delhi

London Talents, a United Kingdom-based organisation that stages educational theatre performances for children and their parents, will hold shows in the next few weeks at selected schools in Mumbai and Delhi as well as selected venues in Mumbai that will also be open to the public.
The group's multisensory shows are performed by adult specialist actors and are conceptually researched with educationalists, percussionists, performers, focus groups of children and with the latest knowledge of neuroscientists' work in child development, a press release from London Talents said.
"These shows use theatre techniques such as puppetry, emoting through material, movement, vocal rhythm, music, dance and play to look at concepts from a child's perspective and explain the logical outcome from very much a child's perspective," it said.
"Examples of the concepts we work with are sharing, caring, empathising, good eating habits to name a few! London Talents cover a range of concepts and themes that are universal and close to the hea! rt of every parent and child," it said.
"Very often as parents and care takers of young children we find ourselves instructing our children… 'No, no. no…its wrong…you must share!', but how often do we pause and show them that by sharing and caring we can build beautiful things in life together and that we can explore humanitarian feelings and empathise with others through play? The show 'From Here to There' explores the above," it said.
The release said the show encourages 'shared play' and explores humanitarian feelings through play! 
"A show that's all about bridges! Musical bridges and magic bridges, bridges that tell stories of hungry trolls and greedy goats. Bridges where people can meet and make a friend! We take children through a world of the imagination where two quite independent individuals discover ways to share, play together and reach each other. A show truly fun and educational for children & their parents!" it said.
Following the main performance by the specialised actors, there would be workshops with the actors and musicians and free play sessions for the children to help them explore concepts from the show.
There will also be a session for parents with the group's education consultant and a parental awareness guide, which addresses day-to-day situations with children and equips parents with hands-on techniques using drama in education.
The performances will be followed by optional show-related games, worksheets & reading corner. 
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