India lodges protests with Norway over separation of Indian children from parents

India has once again lodged strong protests with the Norwegian authorities over the decision of an official agency in Oslo to separate two Indian children from their natural parents and to place them under foster care with limited visits by their parents.
An official press release from the Ministry of External Affairs said here today that strong demarches were made in this regard yesterday to the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi and to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion in Oslo to reiterate the Government’s serious concern regarding the decision of the Norwegian Childcare Services.
"The Government is concerned that the circumstances prevailing in this case may not justify an extreme step like long-term separation from the natural parents. Further, the Government is concerned that there may have been insufficient regard paid to the undoubted benefits of bringing up the children in their own ethnic, religious cultural and linguistic milieu while putting them in foster care," the release said.
"It was reiterated that return of the children to India so that they can be brought up in familiar surroundings under the loving care of their extended family would be in their best long-term interests.
"The Norwegian authorities have expressed understanding for the Government’s concerns. The matter will continue to be pursued with them actively," the release added.
The two children of Anurup Bhattacharya, a scientist working in Norway since 2007 were taken away from him on the grounds that the parents failed to take proper care of them.
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