Rs 55 lakh looted from cash van in Daman


In a daring daylight robbery, a lone masked man made off with a cash movement van with Rs 55 lakh in cash from near a HDFC Bank ATM in Teen Batti area of the city today.

According to police, the loot took place at around noon. A van of Writer Safeguard, a cash management service provider, was parked in front of an HDFC Bank ATM in Teen Batti area of the city. Two employees of the company and a securityman went inside the ATM to load the money while the driver was waiting by the van. In the meantime, a masked man walked up to him, pushed him to the ground and decamped with the van in the space of a few seconds.

The employees and the driver raised an alarm and the police was informed but by that time the robber had disappeared with the van.

Daman and Gujarat police sealed the exit and entry points of the Union Territory but failed to nab the dacoit. An abandoned van was spotted at Mohan village on the Daman-Gujarat border. When the police checked it, they found nothing inside.

The police of the Union Territory as well as Gujarat have launched a massive manhunt to nab the robber.


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