Small aircraft with 7 on board crashes in Faridabad near Delhi

A small aircraft, being used as an air ambulance, carrying seven people on board, crashed near sector 22 in Faridabad, about 20 km from New Delhi, tonight.

Sources said the Pilatus PC-12 aircraft was carrying a 20-year-old patient from a hospital in Patna to a hospital in Delhi.

According to them, apart from the patient, there were two doctors, two attendants and two pilots on board the single-engined aircraft.

The pilot of the aircraft had last made contact with the Air Traffic Control (ATC) in Delhi when it was at a height of about 11,000 feet.

The sources said the pilot had reported encountering bad weather, and he had been advised to come down to a lower altitude, but after that the ATC lost contact with the aircraft around 2230 hours. Many parts of the capital and surrounding areas had experienced a dust storm around that time.

Rescue teams as well as officials from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Ministry of Civil Aviation have rushed to the scene of the crash, along with fire service and police personnel.

Television pictures from the scene showed that the aircraft had caught fire after crashing.


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