Rajdhani launches website to promote health benefits of "besan"

Rajdhani Besan of Rajdhani Flour Mills has launched a website  to promote the health benefits of "besan" among Indians.

According to a press release from the company, Indians are at a high risk of diabetes and heart disease, along with growing obesity rates.

It said "besan" is a lower calorie food, cholesterol free and diabetes friendly. It claied research had shown that "besan" had women-specific health benefits - it can help relieve post menopausal symptoms and prevent breast cancer.

To promote health awareness among Indians, Rajdhani Besan is also launching a healthy recipe contest which promotes healthy cooking in Indian homes, the release said.

"We believe that Besan is great for health & we want to promote its health benefits. We also believe that healthy living starts at home, and to promote being healthy, we are launching this healthy recipe contest," Mr. Chetan Jain, Director of Rajdhani Besan, said.

"As Indian women are increasingly using the internet, we must be present in the digital space. So, we launched a digital initiative to increase our online presence and to create brand engagement through online, social media and other tools," he added.


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