Application process for environmental clearances to go online

Industrial and other projects will soon be able to apply online for environmental and forestry clearances from the Centre.

Minister of State for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh told reporters here today that the application process would soon be put on the website of his ministry. He said this would help reduce the visits of applicants to the ministry.

Mr Ramesh was speaking after launching the new version of the ministry's website, which has been made more user-friendly and easier to navigate as part of the efforts to make the work of the ministry more professional, transparent and responsive.

The minister said there was a significant reduction in the number of projects pending and awaiting Environmental Clearances with the Ministry from 700 on April 30 to 210 as on June 30.

The status of all pending cases for clearance under the Forest Conservation Act (1980) is now available on the Ministry’s website. The status of the same will be updated on a weekly basis every Friday. Given that the query form used for clearance application is drafted in the same format as the one for Environmental Clearances, a similar interface as the one used for environmental clearances will be used. This will also ensure uniformity of standards. The information will be on a state-wise basis with details of sectors and categories, Mr Ramesh added.


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