Tokyo 2016 switches on to IOC

Tokyo is putting its act together to try to ensure that the IOC evaluation commission is left in no doubt about the city's capacity to host the 2016 Olympic Games.
Some signs of the Tokyo Olympics.
Some signs of the Tokyo Olympics.

The commission is heading for Japan after opening its round-the-world assessment tour in Chicago last week. Further stops will take it to Rio de Janeiro and then Madrid ahead of the Copenhagen vote by the International Olympic Committee on October 2.

Branding promoting Tokyo's bid can be found on streets, parks, bridges, sports stadia, shops, taxis, buses and trains while thousands of citizens – young and old – are wearing bid badges to express their personal support.

Metropolitan government buildings, including the iconic Tokyo Tower city landmark and TMG Towers headquarters of the metropolitan administration, will be lit up in Olympic colours during the visit of the evaluation commission.

Tokyo's bid leaders believe the commssion cannot fail to be impressed by their promise of the most compact, sustainable and eco-friendly Olympic and Paralympic Games at the heart of city life.

Dr Ichiro Kono, bid chairman and chief executive officer, said: "Next week is the most important week of my life. But it’s not just about me or the Tokyo 2016 bid committee; we are enjoying fantastic domestic support in Tokyo and across Japan. I’m proud to say more than 90 million people in our nation now recognise the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to inspire a 21st century legacy.

“Our 100-year legacy promise will benefit youth and people across the world, once again demonstrating the power of the Olympic movement as a force for good.”

The official section of the evaluation commission's assessment visit takes place from April 14-20.

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