Ministry of Tourism launches Social Awareness Campaign featuring Aamir Khan

The Ministry of Tourism today launched a Social Awareness Campaign which features its brand ambassador and well-known film actor Aamir Khan.

The campaign, aimed at sensitising people and stakeholders of the tourism industry about the traditional Indian values of the concept "Atithi Devo Bhavah", will consist of television spots, print advertisments, a website (, face-to-face programmes and posters.

The campaign was launched by Tourism Secretary Sujit Banerjee, who said Aamir Khan and his team were doing it free of cost.

In the first 60-second film, Aamir Khan calls for friendly behaviour towards tourists as it is a matter of national honour and for the economic advantages that accrue to all the stakeholders from the growth in tourism

The second film, a 40-second spot, he advocates the need to preserve and protect the country's rich heritge. It has been shot at the Kanhari Caves, Mumbai.


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