About NetIndian Classifieds


We offer you a simple, uncomplicated option to post your classified ads at very attractive rates and carry your message to a top-quality audience.
Your basic ad comes absolutely free for the first one month.
After that, you can choose to renew your basic ad for three months at Rs 400, six months for Rs 700, nine months for Rs 1050 and a year at Rs 1300.
Responses will reach you directly because your contact details will be visible to all registered browsers on our site.
You can add photographs at the rate of Rs 50 per picture for three months. Photographs must not be larger than 50kb and 300px X 300px.
A thumbnail of 100px X 100px will be displayed on the front page with the photos in its original resolution inside.
Ads will be displayed in desending order of their being posted on our site. You can ensure your ad appears on the first page of the results by paying Rs 100 extra for three months.
If you need more than 500 characters in your classified, this add-on feature will let you do that. For every 100 characters more than the default allowance of 500 characters, we charge only Rs. 50 per three months.
For more details, you may contact us at info@netindian.in

Classified Submission Process

  1. Click on this link to open the submission form. Select "Classified Submission" in the Categories field.
  2. Include the following details in the submission form:
    • The classified ad
      • The entire classified ad consists of the classified text and the contact details to be included in the classified only. The classified ad headline is NOT a part of the ad.
      • The entire classified ad should not be more than 500 characters to qualify for the free basic version.
    • The classified ad headline, which should not be more than 100 characters.
    • Tentative category under which the classified should be published: All our categories have not been opened, and will be opened only when we receive an ad in that category.
    • The location under which the classified ad is to be published: As of now, we are taking in only city-level or town-level locations, e. g. Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai. Once we cross 200 entries for a category in a city, we shall be taking in finer classification.
    • List of add-on features required.
    • Your name, email address and phone number (This will not be included in the classified unless mentioned above.
  3. Once we have received the ad, we shall contact you to verify your phone number and email address. We shall also confirm the contents of the classified with you.
  4. If the ad requires any payment (please refer the features list), we will send you an invoice by email, and we will hold the ad till the payment is received by us.
  5. On receiving the payment, we shall display the ad in the required format, and send you the link to the classified.